App referral campaign terms and conditions

Citizen News App referral campaign is a competition that gives you a chance to win a new Smart Phone, internet bundles and lots of other prices when you share the app to your friends and families.

Terms and Conditions

    1. Competition only open for Android and IOS users
    2. To participate a user must:
      1. Download the app or update their currently installed app
      2. Sign up or sign in if they have an account
      3. Use his/her account to invite friends to download app
    3. A user will only be awarded points if the person he/she has invited has downloaded, installed and used the app on their device
      1. A user is awarded 2 points each time they share the app and it is installed by the person who they have shared the app with.
      2. Upon being referred and installing the app a user gets 1 credit the first time they install the app
    4. Winners of the competition will be rewarded weekly or on such a timeline set forth by Royal Media Services LTD.
    5. The weekly prize winner will be based on cumulative points earned by the end of the week.
    6. Royal Media reserves the right to announce the winner after final evaluation of the credits received by each competitor over the duration set
    7. One should only use one approved email account to invite friends
    8. Royal Media reserves the rights to set and revise reward rules for users participating in the competition
    9. Royal Media reserves the rights to subtract credits automatically from a user when they detect fraud e.g. users tricking the system to get more credits by referring him/herself
    10. Kindly note that all staff from Royal Media Services LTD, including their friends and relatives are not eligible to participate in the competition.