Articles by Gathii Mwangi

  • Common fashion mistakes Kenyan men make

    Common fashion mistakes Kenyan men make

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    We can all agree that most men do not have the best eye for fashion and styling is just not a guy’s strength. Between providing for your family, ...

  • How to dress for an interview

    Here is How to Dress For an Interview

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    You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression -- Will Rogers So after months of sending out your CV to prospective employers, you finall...

  • Popular designer shares secret to success in fashion industry

    Popular designer shares secret to success in fashion industry

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    Earlier this week, we caught up with Kenyan Designer Annesofie Achera, founder and head designer at Achera Designs and she talks to us about her secre...

  • List of Top 10 Fashion Schools Released

    List of Top 10 Fashion Schools Released

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    As much as we want to convince ourselves that school ranking is unnecessary, the ranking of the best fashion schools was bound to happen. It makes ...

  • Celebrity Style: Julie Gichuru

    Celebrity Style: Julie Gichuru

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    BLACK & WHITE CHIC Black and white are two colors that you cannot go wrong with, and the beauty of these colors is that they never go out of st...

  • Crochet braids

    Why you should buy into the crochet craze

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    Crochet braids are gaining popularity among Kenyan ladies and we foresee that they will be a hot trend sooner than later. These braids could be d...

  • Red Carpet Report: Jumia Glamour Awards

    Red Carpet Report: Jumia Glamour Awards

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    On Saturday 8th August, Kenya’s Fashion elites were gathered at The Boma Hotel Nairobi for the Jumia Glamour Awards. I was on the red carpet talk...

  • A Day on the Plus Side: The Plus Size Affair

    A Day on the Plus Side: The Plus Size Affair

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    I attended the plus size affair at the prestige plaza on Saturday August 1, 2015 and as much as I was nervous about being a skinny girl in a curvy wor...

  • A Model in one of Kiko Romeo’s Designs

    Evolution of Kenyan fashion industry

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    The fashion industry is defined by the individuals who comprise it: Textile Manufacturers, Designers, Stylists, Models, and even media personalities. ...

  • How to Achieve Glowing Skin during this Cold Weather

    How to Achieve Glowing Skin during this Cold Weather

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    Cold weather can be tough on skin; the low humidity levels strip out the moisture from the skin, making the skin dry out. In this cold weather, you...

  • The Most Iconic Wedding Dresses of All Time

    The Most Iconic Wedding Dresses of All Time

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    If there’s one thing that fashion enthusiasts cannot get enough of, it is perfectly tailored wedding gowns, especially those worn by famous personal...

  • Armadillo boots

    No pain, no gain: Infamous Alexander McQueen Armadillo Boots up for auction

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    Armadillo Boots are rated as the most iconic shoes ever created by a designer. Designed by Lee Alexander McQueen himself, Armadillo Boots first app...

  • Hair weaves

    Men, this is why women wear weaves, wigs

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    I bumped into an old friend of mine at Garden City mall the other day. I was excited that Nywele creative had set up shop on Thika Road so I had to c...

  • Tweed suit

    7 Wardrobe essentials for the Kenyan bachelor

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    You can tell if a man is single or not just by the way he dresses! It’s a well known fact that majority of single men take things lightly, from t...

  • Eyebrows

    Ladies, this is not how to do your eyebrows

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    Eyebrows are an essential part of beauty and a well-shaped brow not only frames the shape of your face, it also gives you a polished look. The slig...

  • Nykhor Paul

    Sudanese model blasts fashion world for being racist

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    Nykhor Paul, a 25-year-old old Sudanese model who has walked the runways for major brands including Rick Owens, Vivvienne Westwood, Balenciaga and Lou...

  • Dusty rose

    Hot Colors to Wear in July

    time updated

    Marsala may have been named as the pantone color for 2015 but let’s be honest with ourselves here; we cannot wear the same color all year round. We ...

  • Shoe Tales: Quality over Quantity

    Shoe Tales: Quality over Quantity

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    I love a bargain, I love the sense of satisfaction I get when I can buy two or more lovely items with the money I have instead of using all the money ...

  • Waht your handbag says about you

    What Your Handbag Says About You

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    Ever wondered why there exists different types of handbags yet they all have the same function. Ever wondered why as a woman, you gravitate towards on...

  • Red carpet fashion

    Red carpet fashion at the 2015 Groove & Tony Awards: slits, sneakers & boys in bowties

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    This last weekend was a red carpet affair with the Groove Awards (6th June 2015) and Tony Awards (7th June 2015) recognising the finest talents in the...

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