10 Reasons Why I am Single and I like It

why i am single
why i am single

Ever since the nominated CBK Governor Patrick Ngugi declared publicly that he is single, yet he is 54 years old, I have been doing some soul searching. Below are some of the 10 reasons why I am single and I like it.

1. I get to have my own space – Being single means I get to stay alone and have my entire space for myself. This provides me with the convenience of doing my stuff without having to worry about the other party, for example I can invite my crazy friends over for a house party, leave my clothes all over the living room without the fear of being screamed at and so on.

2. I get to enjoy my freedom– Being single provides me with a lot of freedom to do what I want, whenever I want to, without the worries of hurting someone else I care about. I have the freedom to date whoever I want, to do what I like and to decide which friends I keep. In short, I make my own rules.

3. I get to keep all my female friends – One thing I know for sure is, when I get married, or get a girlfriend, I will have to do away with all my cute female friends. A good wife knows the type of female friends her husband/boyfriend should keep, and will always vet them to ensure they offer the least competition as possible to her.

Since my youth provides me with the blessings of beautiful female friends, I shall hold unto that thought of getting a girlfriend for now in order to prevent the unavoidable reasons on why men will always cheat.

4. I get to Save a lot – So far, I haven’t had to buy a lady an expensive gift, or paid for one her rent, and from the look of things, I am not going to do so anytime soon this year. This means I get to save a lot thus able divert such funds to other projects that can improve my life.

5. Concentrate on my career – Now that I am single, I have all the time in the world to chase my dreams. It gives me the opportunity to take bolder steps towards improving my career without fear of not being there for my family.

6. Going out is more fun and carefree – I get to party and drink hard as if I am in some sort of public humiliation contest. Get into a bar fights, get thrown out by the bouncer and leave the club at 4am with a big lump on my face. This kind of things, you can’t to when you have someone you care about.
7. I make my own schedule – Since I have the freedom to do what I want, I don’t have to plan the way I spend my free time based on someone else desires. As a result, I get to avoid such arguments arising for failing to text/call bae while busy at work.

Furthermore, I get to sleep and wake up when I want or travel to whatever destination I like without anyone’s consent
8. No awkward family functions –  I am sure most guys are familiar with the anxiety that comes when bae texts you that this coming weekend you are going to meet her parents. The first thing that comes to your mind is…what I am going to wear or what Will I tell them.

Furthermore, the thought of spending 6 straight hours with people I am not familiar with just makes my stomach churn.
9. Catch Up with All EPL games – When you are single, the EPL becomes your wife. You get to follow up with every single action in the premier league, always spending your weekends in Football pubs and getting into stupid fights because your weak team lost, and finally heading home with a terrible temper.
10. Finally, because the CBK Governor to be is single and he is 54. The fact that the CBK Governor to be, plus many other industry leaders are single yet successful, makes me re-think my actions.


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