It’s party time for ‘bedbug’ graduates in search for city jobs

It's party time for 'bedbug' graduates in search for city jobs

A jobless, fresh graduate in Africa’s most intelligent city, Nairobi, is faced with a daunting ‘moving out’ task right after that final college exam.

Well, some, a huge percentage for that matter, might actually start taking this challenge seriously after completing the all  so necessary research project that they neglected to concentrate on hosting house parties, better put as dorm parties, grossly illegal orgies and road trips.

For most 20-something-olds, college is blissful; a four-year self-discovery voyage that often leaves them weary in unintended destinations and seldom betters the naïve freshman they once were in four short years.

If you were lucky to secure housing in our public varsities’ bedbug-infested hostels, then the reality sinks even faster since you have to vacate and journey back home especially if it was one of those rural universities, which shouldn’t exist in the first place.

However, the brave do try their luck in the city where agreeably, opportunities exist for the not faint-hearted. But starting from the very bottom is no choice unless of course you came even remotely to being born with a silver spoon in your mouth.

Cash-strapped, and equally cash starved by well-meaning parents, who in their defense have exceeded expectations taking you through college and have your siblings to worry about, you either chose the despicable, pirating in the very unhygienic hostels with your juniors, hurdle in a four-walled cubicle in some informal settlement with mates awaiting fate or battle it out alone.

As much as saving on cash to survive in the city is important, getting mugged, maimed or even killed in the process doesn’t sound that good in a journey to self-dependence. Security is key.

But we all know the perceived secure estates in Nairobi are and that knowledge doesn’t really solve the cash problem for our dear jobless graduate.

However, in my travails I might have found some interesting pointer to a safer neighbourhood that also maps into a college leaver’s budget as greater things draw closer in the land of valid dreams.

A couple of weeks ago, I engaged a youthful mama mboga on the same security question and the conversation that ensued inspired this article.

When I moved into my newest neighbourhood, I have been maintaining a very strict ‘check-in/check-out’ schedule. Better safe than sorry, right? But still that doesn’t exactly work for me.

After the conversation however, I did get some assurance based on some outstanding aspects, should I say landmarks, on the particular street leading ‘home’.

She says an important indicator of a secure nightlife could be closely related to the number of ‘night nurses’ patrolling the streets in the night.

Farfetched as it might it sound, I must say after consulting a few like-besieged people and borrowing from my previous experiences, there would be truth in her observation.

You see, in this open air business, perception is very important.  And anything threatening to sway perception to the negative would be definitely met with a lot of resistance.

As such, muggings cannot be associated with a cathouse -friendly neighbourhood. It’s simply bad business!  Industry players cannot imagine sharing their ‘hard-earned’ cash with lazy idlers.

This is why they would be willing to provide ‘intelligence’ to law enforcers and in the process, safer streets for you and me to walk in.

Fresh from campus? If you put your safety first and your money first too, this important landmark should surely come in handy in your house-hunting.

Good luck!

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Story By Eric Ndubi
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