4 tips to extend smartphone battery life

4 tips to extend smartphone battery life

Smartphone users often complain how the battery life span is substantially shorter than feature phones used in the past.

However, Wired–a tech publication–suggests that there are ways to keep a phone battery life last for a longer period.

”With the right sort of care and attention, you can make sure your battery stays charged for longer—and lasts longer overall, as well,” the report on Wired says.

According to the research article, there are four ways to extend battery life on a smartphone:

  1. Avoid battery drain

Do not wait for the battery to drain before you can charge it again. This is because lithium ion batteries work better when just topped off.

The risk of damaging a battery due to charging it from zero may not be immediate but the gradual damage renders it useless within a much shorter time in the long run.

2. Keep it cool

Smartphone users are advised not to expose their phone to extreme temperatures whether high or low. A good instance of this is leaving the phone in a car on a hot day.

Leaving your phone in the said conditions will not damage the phone instantly but regular exposure will slowly affect the performance of the battery.

3. No fast chargers

Fast charging won’t necessarily make your phone burn up in flames but Wired says you will definitely have to replace your battery if you continually use devices that charge phones faster than normal.

Always use chargers approved by the manufacturer.

4. Don’t ignore updates

Keep your smartphone up to date with the latest software.

iOS monitors performance under Battery in Settings while Android users have tools such as AccuBattery.

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