How to get your email job application noticed

How to get your email job application noticed

Have you tried applying for jobs by email and ended up with no response?

You are probably not doing it right. When applying for jobs using email, it is important that all your communications are professional.

To do a job application right you need three things

  1. The Job Description
  2. A cover letter matching the job description
  3. Your CV (A professional CV)

A good cover letter matches the job description and shows the employer that you are the right candidate for the job, that you have previous experience performing the listed job responsibilities and that you meet the qualifications the need.

Below is an example of how you can match your cover letter with a job description.

Job Description Your Cover letter
Accountant Job Key responsibilities

•       Review and establish proper accounting systems

•       Supports budget and forecasting activities

•       Liaising with internal and external auditors

(A statement to appear in your cover letter)

I have the ability to review and establish proper accounting systems. In my previous position at ABC I was involved in the liaising with internal and external auditors.

Before jumping in, keep these tips in mind:

  • Good emails are specific, short, and often mention some common ground so the reader is compelled to help out.
  • The email is often the last step in a larger process of doing research, reflecting on what you want, and planning your job application process.
  • Always include a clear subject line on the position you are applying for.
  • Copy your cover letter as the body on your email.
  • Attach you Professional CV which is named appropriately.

How to get your email application noticed

The first step is to ensure that you have the correct email address. If you type the wrong email address, you’re dead in the water because the intended recipient will never receive the application.

The second important thing to note is that the recruiter probably has thousands of emails coming in, and sometimes for different positions. Ensure the subject of the email has the job’s title clearly spelled out to make their work easier. This also ensures your email is not ignored.

The first thing a recruiter sees when they open your email is the body of the email, before they can open the attachments. Increase your chances of having the cover letter read by pasting it onto the body of the email instead of having it as an attachment.

Last but certainly not least, the name you give your CV while saving it on your computer plays a big role in your application. If you simply name it CV, the recruiter will have a hard time finding it because someone else may have named theirs the same way. It is advisable to use your own name to ensure the CV is easy to find, eg Daniel Mutuku CV.

After following all the above tips, your email is ready for sending.

I hope these tips will help get your application noticed. You can watch a video demonstration on the above here.


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