City where it’s a norm to have three girlfriends familiar with each other


Monogamy is the cornerstone of Kenyan society, but one city in China has so many women who perfectly fit in polygamy making it a norm that you would wonder why having only one woman for a wife or girlfriend is more acceptable.

Dongguan, in south China’s Guangdong Province, is known for producing respected electronics such as iPhones and iPads – and also acting as the ‘Chinese hub of women’, reported the Mirror.

The one-child-policy China adopted over three decades ago has massively contributed to the gender imbalance with approximately 30 million more men than women.

Local factories in Dongguan prefer to hire women to run the assembly plants, as they find them more reliable than men.

This means the city has more women than men, with the men taking casual work, leaving them with plenty of time; at least to find themselves more than one girlfriend, adds Mirror.

Some admit they have two or three permanent girlfriends at the same time.

One man told Chinese TV: “It is a lot easier here to find a girlfriend than a job.”

The few men who are lucky to secure jobs at the factories are in an even better scale when it comes to finding a lover, because most women who work spend a lot of time in the factories; making it easier for the men to access them (women).

If the women decide to look for love, the main place they would find consolation is from within the company.

The rather weird gender ratio of women to men has recently led to Dongguan being branded the ‘capital of sex’ with many women still willingly and knowingly involving themselves in relationships with men who are already ‘taken’.

Li Bin, a migrant factory worker, said: “I have three girlfriends, and all of them know about each other. Many of my friends also have many girlfriends.”

Li Bin admitted that it was a “joke” for a man to only have one female partner.

A Yi, 25, a native of Sichuan, said he went to Dongguan to find a wife, as the dowry alone in his hometown would cost £3,000 (Ksh 315, 000).

He said: “There are plenty of women in Dongguan, and they don’t want any money. They just want a man.”

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