Continue drinking and she will cheat on you – Manduli


Alcohol, it seems is to blame for the diminishing stability in most families.

According to the ‘original Kenyan diva’ – Orie Rogo Manduli – your alcohol indulgence will force your wife to develop an eye for other men.

Speaking exclusively to Citizen Digital, an outspoken Manduli said binge drinking by men is to blame for the increased number of unstable families in the country.

So, what does the 1974 Miss Kenya beauty think of husbands who are forever found in drunken stupor?

“They are parasites! Compare them to the ratio of women who drink. Drunken men manipulate women. They are a burden to their family and a burden to the society – they waste your time, your money,” she begins.

According to Manduli, the problem is drunkards forget their priorities in life.

“If a man drinks heavily to an extent he forgets about his family, then it’s very unfortunate,” said the former beauty queen.

Highlighting consequence of excessive indulgence, the trailblazer said: “If he just lives each day as it comes, and rides on the phrase, ‘what is for the family is his too’, then it is very possible the woman will cheat on him.”

While these men abandon their homes chasing after the next drink, other people will be warming up to their wives.

“You’ll find yourself drinking in dens, thumping your chest and she’s getting all the attention from these idiots. And it’s not only cheating: all sorts of things are possible!” she adds.

Why does the bottle cause problems in families?

“Drunkards are self-centered individuals and they do not prioritise their families. When a drunk stops caring for his wife, yet he demands food and brings no bread at home- things get very complex!” the former Safari Rally driver told.

Orie quipped: “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, conned and cheated on by a drunken husband. Didn’t  you see the Nyeri and Kiambu women chopping it off?”

According to the no-nonsense granny, women have slow boiling anger.

“Women are very tolerant, resilient, loving, and caring; but when they snap… they metamorphose into hell! Have you seen women who kill their own children so that they don’t suffer?” said the former ambassador.

“In a family where the man is a drunkard, there is no healthy life. The psychological damage they put their family through is often much more than the physical. What women go through when their husbands frequent the drinking dens is indescribable,” she laments.

The woman, who prides herself in having the ‘perfect African figure’, vows that she can never allow her children to marry drunkards.

“I can never marry off my daughters to drunkards – no, no, no! A drunkard destroys anything near them; and the nearest item is the home of course. Me I will not sit around and witness all that mess you’re putting my family into!” she defensively affirms.

In very few words, the mother of three beautiful daughters concludes: “If you want to stop drinking, you will.”


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