How ‘Dumbala’ rapper Jay A broke out of a complicated love triangle

Jay A says he had to break out of a messy love triangle to win ...
Jay A says he had to break out of a messy love triangle to win the heart of his girlfriend PHOTO/COURTESY

Kenya’s new school rapper Juma Ali, better known as Jay A of the Dumbala fame, has revealed that he had to break out of a messy love triangle to win the heart of his girlfriend, Sham.

The couple met in 2012 at a campus function, and they have been dating for more than three years now. Before embarking on a beautiful journey of love, the sweethearts had a hurdle to jump over.

“We met at a party in Multimedia University of Kenya where I was invited to perform. While I was on stage, I spotted Sham; she really stood out. She’s one of those ladies you would notice even when she is in a crowd.”

Jay A instantly fell for Sham at a time her best friend was interested in him.

“I showed interest in her. Apparently, she knew at that time that her best friend was hitting on me. I nonetheless got Sham’s phone number from her close pal.”

Upon realising that the budding rapper preferred her best friend to her, Sham’s friend snapped.

“When she (Sham’s friend) learnt about my love interest, she (Sham’s friend) became hostile towards me – she wanted to kick it with me, and I wanted to kick it with Sham. It was complicated but you know at the end of the day, I managed to make Sham fall in love with me. She is the Mrs right now,” says Jay A.

Unsurprisingly, Sham’s confidant consequently broke ties with the fast rising rapper.

“Since that incident, Sham’s friend has never talked to me – she has never forgiven me. The funny thing is we never dated for a day. She did not come out. I think she was waiting for the right time to express herself, but unfortunately ‘the right time’ never materialized,” said Jay A.

How about Sham and the friend; are they now in good terms?

“The two fell out completely. They never see eye to eye,” stated the Dumbala star.

Sham holds a Bachelor of Journalism from Multimedia University of Kenya. She is half Ethiopian-half Israeli.

Big plans for 2016

On matters music, the Malindi-born rapper says he has a lot of hits slated for release throughout 2016.

“There are a lot of collabos on the way; I worked with Dazlah in my latest hit; but there’s more from the two of us yet to come. I also have many single projects from me in 2016. I am currently working with producer Ulopa. We have already worked on four recordings. I like his work; he understands the club.”

The rapper who engages viewers with his captivating voice and sure delivery – as well as superior rhymes rich with urban hip-hop artistry – has featured Mombasa-based artiste Dazlah in a new hit Iyo which is currently rising up on the charts.


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