How Kenyans reacted to Jimmy Gait’s Hello cover will leave you in tears

How Kenyans reacted to Jimmy Gait’s Hello cover will leave you in tears

When Adele released her hit single Hello after a five-year hiatus from the music industry, it sent shockwaves across the world and many covers popped up across the interwebs.

The first Kenyan cover, a Swahili rendition by Dela Maranga, got rave reviews-but a second one has got Kenyans denouncing their countryman on Twitter.

Gospel singer, Jimmy Gait, on Monday released a Christian rendition of the soulful love ballad and Kenyans on social media would have none of it.

Gait takes the persona of God, speaking to a ‘prodigal child’ about changing their ways. From having chips fungas to drinking too much and forgetting their faith-Gait serenades a lost believer “from the other side” atop an upbeat track.

Within a matter of hours, the song’s YouTube video had received nearly 300 dislikes compared to 64 likes. Sadly, that was just a tip of the iceberg.

Kenyans on social media ruthlessly hit out at the gospel singer, with many making fun of his interpretation of the hit single.

Rousing mafeelings with a swahili cover

This is not the first Hello cover to come from Kenya. Mafeelings singer Dela Maranga realeased a soulful Swahili translation of the song, and this attracted positive feedback from music lovers across the globe.

Top entertainment sites, such as Perez Hilton, wrote popular reviews about Dela’s rendition.

Within a week of releasing her cover, who is also coming back into the limelight after she took some time away from the music industry, Dela had garnerd over 300 thousand views and 8 thousand likes on YouTube.

Responding to the feedback from fans across the globe Dela said: “I am overwhelmed and humbled by all your comments. Thank you! Keep sharing the video with your friends, and keep the conversation flowing on the comments. I am reading each comment. I love you all!”

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  1. After liatening to the cover from youtube here is my comment
    hahahaha. I didn’t know what to comment so I’ll just post the recipe for Ugali:

    1. put water in a pot and allow it to boil.

    2. Add more water incase you are cooking for men..especially luhya men.(I don’t care how much you had put in step 1).

    3. Then Add the unga and let it boil. at this point you can change your mind and drink uji, but if you still want to insist on ugali add more unga and mash it all up.

    4. Make a dome shape and then serve it hot.

    That’s art…

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