Kenyan man marries woman with longest dreadlocks in the world in a “rastaful” wedding

Kenyan man Emmanuel Chege on March 23 tied the knot with his flame Asha “Rasta-Rapunzel” Mandela ...
Kenyan man Emmanuel Chege on March 23 tied the knot with his flame Asha “Rasta-Rapunzel” Mandela in Florida, USA PHOTO/BARCROFT MEDIA

Here comes the hair bride!

Kenyan man Emmanuel Chege on March 23 tied the knot with his flame Asha “Rasta-Rapunzel” Mandela in Florida, USA.

Asha’s 55-foot-long dreadlocks hold a world record for the longest natural hair.

Her husband Mr Chege is a qualified hair stylist whose lengthy dreadlocks rival Asha’s.

Mr and Mrs Chege are smitten and they mutually worship each other’s lengthy hair, adding that their wonderfully maintained dreadlocks are their crowning glory.

“It’s really added spice in the bedroom and it does not get in the way of anything at all,” Asha told Barcroft Media.

The adorable pair met online three years ago when Chege was struck by pictures of Asha’s famous dreadlocks on hair websites.

Asha would, eight months later, visit Kenya and the chemistry between the pair would prove inexorable.

Chege said he fell “hair-over-heels” for Ms Mandela.

“It was so amazing to see all this amount of hair. It was more than in my imagination,” Chege told Barcroft Media.

“At first I thought maybe her locks were almost to her knees or to the ground, but the first glance when I saw her hair, it was so long, so it was so amazing and her beauty was so amazing too.”

Ms Mandela, 50, said she equally appreciates her husband’s long hair, adding that they have learned to manage their voluminous locks.

“There are times when my hair will be on the bed with us and we can use it for whatever or we put it on the floor if we want it out of the way.”

Asha says she couldn’t have married a better man as Emmanuel, who boasts of 15 years of experience as a hair stylist, spends his days lovingly grooming her three-stone dreadlocks.

“My husband helps me with everything with my hair. I’m so (spoiled ) since he’s been taking care of it and I’ve got totally lazy,” Ms Mandela said.

“He will massage my scalp, groom my hair or twist or wash it. He does a really good job of taking care of it so that’s a plus.”

The couple’s bountiful hair takes two days to wash and dry and require full-time care.

Mr Chege says he is also growing his own dreadlocks and hopes to become the male record holder in the future.

He says the purpose of keeping such lengthy hair is “spiritual”.

Asha on the other hand was told by doctors that her dreadlocks would paralyse her if she keeps on growing them as the weight of her hair is affecting her back.

Ms Mandela often carries her hair in a handbag to prevent it trailing along the floor.

The two have talked about having children in the future, and hope their child will further their dreadlocks legacy.

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