Lupita: There’s subtle pressure I get married


Celebrated Oscar Winner, Lupita Nyong’o, hinted to Vogue Magazine that her family is subtly “pressurizing”  her to get married.

The film icon gave the interview a week after her Kenyan tour in a session titled: Lupita: The Oscar-Winner sparkles from the New York Stage to ‘Star Wars’.

In the interview she said that her mum is silently hinting at her to get hitched and have kids.

The 12 Years A Slave top act said, “This is my conundrum. When I was back in Kenya this past week, I would be driving along with my mother and she would say, ‘That’s a nice school for children’ and look at me like (raising eyebrows). My mom wants me to have children now.”

Does this mean that she will marry and raise her children in Kenya?

“But I think that will all be determined when I have that moment. When I have that man,” said Lupita.

Fashion: Like mother like daughter

About being a fashion goddess, Lupita attributed her sense of style to her mum.

“Presentation is extremely important in Kenya. You dress formally. You can’t just wear flip-flops. My mother always had her own style. She wore A-line, tea-length flowery dresses, very well fitting. Her nails were always perfectly done,” she told.

Besides learning how to look good from her mum, the sultry actress divulged she could also borrow designing knowledge from the magazines she used to read in salons when a teenager.

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Recalling growing up in Nairobi, she said: “Salons were a big feature in my life. We would go every two weeks to get our hair braided, washed, or treated. That’s where I read American, British, and a few African magazines. Then I would design my own clothes. In Kenya it’s much cheaper to get clothes made than to buy them from boutiques.”

Commenting on how Kenya shaped her future, she said: “The idea that you can be self-made is very vibrant in America. You can do anything that you want to do. That spirit pushes you on. But it took me leaving Kenya to really appreciate the glory of the place. Ultimately, I will always be a child of Kenya.”

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