Man loses job for sending nudes to HR Manager

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An unlucky man sent a picture of his manhood to a human resources manager at a company he was about to start working with after mistaking her number for a friend’s.

The unfortunate incident happened when the 23-year-old man accepted a new job with a firm in St. Charles, Illinois, U.S.

Delighted with the news, perhaps after a lengthy wait to land employment, the unnamed man decided to celebrate in a rather unusual way by sending his ‘buddy’ a picture of his private parts.

Haplessly for him, instead of getting his ally’s phone number, he ended up sending the message to the HR manager at the organisation which had just offered him employment.

After receiving the shocking image, the manager assumed it was a mistake and chose to ignore the message.

However, the lad having not realised his mistake and after growing impatient having received no reply, he sent yet another nude photo.

When he still got no feedback from the recipient, the ham-fisted man then called the number but was startled at finding it was not the intended person he had been sending the images to.

According to Chicago Tribune, the HR manager then reported him to the police but decided not to press charges when it became clear it was an honest mistake.

Expectedly, even before setting his foot at work, the job offer was terminated.

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