Man now fitted with artificial manhood after wife left him for lack of it

Man in jeans
Man in jeans

A man who has just been fitted with a bionic ‘member’, after losing his own in a fatal road accident, revealed to Dailymail UK he kept his lack of manhood a secret from his wife.

Mohammed Abad, 43, was first sprung into the limelight in 2013 after it emerged he had a rather strange medical problem.

Having lost his reproductive organ when he was run over by a car at age six, surgeons at University College London recently fitted him with an eight inch implant.

The device, which was made from the flesh of his arm, comes complete with ‘on’ and ‘off’ buttons to pump it up or deflate it.

But in a weird twist of events, the virgin disclosed he managed to keep the fact he had no manhood a secret from his wife until their wedding night.

The pair wed two years ago but she only found out about his absence of manhood on their first night as a married couple.

His wife left him in 2014 and Abad claims it is because she became impatient and later hopeless about his condition. She was anxious to make love to him and have children, he explains.

He told: “In our culture, if you’re not pregnant three months after you marry, people start to ask questions.”

“Last year she walked out on me – she has needs and I just couldn’t provide for them because my operation was taking too long.”

“She’s moving on but I understand why she had to leave. We keep in touch,” he added.

When he was young, Mohammed was involved in a crash and he was dragged under a moving car for half a kilometer. This resulted in serious injuries to his genitalia and thighs.

His manhood was completely destroyed, along with his left testicle. He thinks part of his right testicle was saved, but he can’t see or feel anything.

Now, doctors have given him an eight-inch ‘member’ and he said it was impressive how it worked.

The artificial organ also for the first time, allows him to pass urine while standing upright.

Now, Mr Abad says he is still on a quest to lose his virginity, but promises to be up front with any future partner.

“I feel brilliant now, on top of the world,” Abad told Dailymail.

Experts believe he could even one day father the two children he desires.

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