Mother In Law’s Mustafa joins Hot 96

Mother In Law’s Mustafa joins Hot 96

You probably know him as the leso wearing cook on Citizen TV’s hit local production Mother In Law, but Andrew Muthure is now the new kid on the block at Hot 96 FM.

Known as Dru by his close friends, he has played the role Mustafa for 8 years. Before he made to the big screen, Andrew spent many years a stage actor.

His excellence on the stage opened doors to TV: “Just when people thought that one could not get a job off theatre, I got scouted by Naomi Kamau when I was doing a comedy at Phoenix Theater.”

In addition to theatre, Dru has acted in numerous l films. Aside from Mother In Law, the seasoned actor says his most memorable job is DSTV Africa Magic Original Films project.

“I’ve acted very many roles over the years, but the most memorable experience was handling a real gun during the AMOF recording. That and driving cars that were not mine! Boys and toys you know!” recalled Dru.

Dru 2

Joining Hot 96

Though his first love is acting, Dru has always wanted to pursue a career in radio.

“I actually tried to get into Hot 96 five years ago when they were doing a mass recruitment. I didn’t make it in that time, but they banked my voice and called me this year,” explained the actor.

The interviews were really competitive, and at some point Dru thought that he had been edged out.

“There was a really famous musician who went in before and he took really long. I even thought that had passed the interview and they were now discussing terms,” said Dru.

After a second round of interviews, Dru emerged as the best candidate and he was offered a position on Royal Media Services’ English station.

“I was so excited when I got the call. I had told myself that making it to the final round was good enough for me. So when I got my offer letter, I signed it very fast before anyone snatched it saying that they have second thoughts,” said the jovial actor.

Though he is yet to go on air, Dru says that he is extremely delighted to be part of the Hot 96 team.

“I’ve been here for about two weeks and these guys are fantastic! We have great things planned for the station and our listeners. Personally, I’m really excited,” said Dru.

Dealing with groupies

How does he deal with the fame that comes with being on one of Kenya’s top local productions?

“Someone would realize who you are like 50 metres after they’ve passed you and they scream your screen name ’We ni Mustafa wa Mother In Law!’ Then everyone turns around and looks at you. Even if you are not in the mood for chit chat, you have to really gracious and speak to them kindly because your fans make you or break you,” explains Dru.

So does he get unwarranted attention from female fans?

Andrew says no: “Because my character is a punk, there’s no Mustapha groupie. What usually get from them is ‘Ghai kumbe unakuanga umechanuka hivi? Na venye unakaa mshady kwa TV’ (Oh! So you’re this cool in real life? You look so uncultured on screen.)”

When women come on to him, Dru says that he turns them down gently because he is in a committed relationship.

When we asked about the details of his relationship, he declined to give nay citing that his significant other is a very private person.

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