Nameless: Marriage is not easy, sometimes it gets less rosy


Legendary Kenyan singer, Nameless, opened up about marriage saying it is not a bed of roses.

Nameless, whose real name is David Mathenge, has been married to fellow musician Wahu Kagwi for 10 years.

Speaking exclusively to Citizen Digital, the “Butterfly” hit-maker addressed a wide array of factors which, according to him, may build or break a union.

“Marriage is not easy – you need to learn and accept each other for who you are. You also need to respect each other’s boundaries and feelings,” he began.

Nameless further admits, just like many other marriages, his is not hiccup-free.

“There are times Wahu and I fall out. In some instances it reaches that point I am like: I don’t want to see you and she’s also like – me neither!” revealed the singer.

“But we often go for counseling which helps. It’s good to talk to someone,” he revealed.

Despite occasional marital problems, Nameless says Wahu is the best thing that has ever happened to him. Given the chance to go back in time, Nameless says he would marry her gain.

“I am blessed!” He said excitedly, adding: “When I met Wahu, she was my first love – and the minute I saw her, I was sure I wanted her for a wife.”

Nameless nostalgically disclosed the phases he and Wahu went through to nurture their budding love.

“When we hooked up, we were just two young kids in college. We loved each other for that simple reason. But then, we grew together as we discovered our adulthood. We hustled together. Now, we have a very strong foundation,” he affirmed.

Wahu’s memorable Mothers’ Day video tribute

On May 10, Nameless swept Wahu off her feet with a touching Mothers’ Day video tribute.

He played the two-minute video recording on a big screen before Wahu and their two daughters – Tumiso and Nyakio, at the Village Market in Nairobi.

In the clip, Nameless called Wahu ‘the mother of the century’. His gesture sent social media platforms into a frenzy.

Recounting the act, Nameless said he pulled the memorable stunt because Wahu deserved and still deserves it.

“She loves me simply for me, and me for her,” he told Citizen Digital.

Adding: “We don’t often say thank you for the good things done to us you know. With me, I always watch by the sidelines how she (Wahu) manages things at home and I really appreciate the hard work she puts in as a mother and wife.”

Nameless says besides Wahu being intelligent, she is also emotionally mature – traits which have immensely contributed in making her a great home-maker.

“Wahu is emotionally intelligent. She is able to judge situations and people in the right way. She is sensitive to people’s emotions, her own emotions and my emotions. With that kind of a woman, definitely my marriage was bound to succeed,” Nameless said.

Being in tune with your partner’s emotions is  a sure-recipe for a thriving marriage.

“According to me, success in marriage is not founded on intelligence of school but emotional intelligence,” said Nameless. “You can be a master’s graduate but if your emotional intelligence is not in a way you are able to relate with someone properly, you would not survive marriage.”

Nameless had more nuggets of wisdom to share with potential couples.

“I advise everyone – when you get married, get a counselor so that he or she can give you perspective when you face issues. Don’t always feel like you have the solution; sometimes someone else has,”  concluded Nameless.

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