Not with my daughter! How Steve Harvey deals with daughters’ boyfriends

Not with my daughter! How Steve Harvey deals with daughters’ boyfriends

Having been randy boys in the past, most dads are often in commando mode when young boys begin to cozy up to their daughters.

Often, fathers go to great lengths to keep boys at bay. And when they can no longer keep young men from their little princesses, overprotective dads often resort to a wide array of scare tactics.

Celebrated comedian and talk show host, Steve Harvey, has revealed the strategies he used to keep daughters’ boyfriends in line when they were younger.

Speaking when he was hosted on Meredith, Harvey said that he tries “to make it as uncomfortable for the boy has he positively can”.

Just how does he do this?

“I don’t speak. I stare at them. I know what they want! I make it a butt-tightening experience,” said Harvey.

Even if you survive the first assault, you still have to prove yourself worthy of Baba Karli’s trust-and this is no easy fete.

“A boy has to come to my house and sit there on four separate visits, for a three hours minimum, so I can get to know him. I’m not putting my daughter in a car with some boy and I don’t really know him or his family,”

Harvey, who has been married thrice, is a father of three boys and four girls.

When his youngest daughter, aged 17, went for a school dance with a boy, Harvey whipped out his boy-repelling tricks.

When the young man came to collect his daughter for the dance, Steve went into dad-mode and threatened the young man saying he would reciprocate whatever actions the young man did.

“Whatever you do to her, that’s what I’m going to do to you. So, if I look outside and you two are kissing really hard­­-you and me are going to be kissing really hard.

To keep the young man from feeling up his daughter he said,“If I look outside and you are cupping my daughter’s behind, you better get ready because I will be cupping yours too!”

Needless to say, the young man had his daughter back home, untouched, well before her curfew.

Do you think this would work in Kenya?

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