Obama’s Facebook comment melts world’s hearts

Obama's Facebook comment melts world's hearts

For a long time; both in history and perception, Iran has been considered to be at constant loggerheads with the United States due to ideological differences.

However, one man – U.S. President Barack Obama, has stretched his hand to an Iranian soul by making a comment which is aimed at showing the whole world that neither he, nor the nation he is leading, has ill blood against the Middle East country.

Obama’s comment came as a response to Brandon Stanton’s recent photo.

Stanton, a photographer known for his widely followed photo series – Humans of New York, is currently touring Iran, where his portraits of everyday Iranians, each appended by a caption with heartfelt quotes from the subject, are doing important work in humanizing a people who are too often maligned in America.

Earlier Thursday, he (Stanton) posted a photo from the Iranian town of Tabriz, showing a father with his 10-year-old son. The caption is a quote from the father, lovingly describing his son’s “humanitarian” spirit.


Shortly after the photo went up on Facebook, it got a comment from a surprising source: President Obama, commenting via the official White House Facebook account.


This is not a meaningless moment. The official American posture toward Iran has for decades been one of open hostility.

Obama came into office pledging to reach out to Iran and particularly to the Iranian people. That was often controversial – his repeated gestures of comity and warmth toward the Iranian people have often been questioned.

However, his expression of hope that he might one day meet this 10-year-old Iranian boy has touched many, and perhaps hinting to a paradigm shift in U.S.-Iran relations.

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