President Obama crashed a wedding, and we have the photos to prove it

President Obama crashed a wedding, and we have the photos to prove it

President Barrack Obama has been slapped with many names over his 2-term presidency, but this weekend he got a whole new title altogether: Crasher In Chief.

The Head of State was captured on camera as he crashed a wedding at Torrey Pines La Jolla golf course on Sunday.


The couple, Stephanie and Brian Tobe, knew that the president would be in town but as they prepared for their wedding on Sunday, they never imagined that the president would be crashing their wedding.

Though no one likes to have uninvited guests at such an important function, I would like to think the U.S. President has to be an exception to the rule.

The couple’s vows were to be taken front of the 18th hole, where Obama was wrapping up his golf game.


Upon realizing that the country’s most powerful man was using the last hole, the duo was more than happy to delay their ceremony and watch him from the hotel balcony as he played through.


When the president was done with his game, he went on to greet the bystanders including the couple’s friends Erin and Jeff Youngren.

The joyful couple took this opportunity to take photos with Obama.



“Nothing about this presidential drop-in negatively impacted the day,” said Youngren on her website.

Though they started their ceremony late to accommodate Obama, they were able to make up for the lost time.

“In fact, the mood became so fun, laid back, and celebratory, that it was one of the most joyful weddings we’ve ever been at, ever. We easily made up the timeline with the cocktail hour, we were able to get better sunset photos, and in the end, things didn’t run late at all.”


“It was a life moment that none of us will ever forget.” She added.

So how did Obama treat the couple after he made an unexpected appearance at their function?

“President Obama was kind and wonderful,” Youngren also said.

“When he shook Brian and Stephanie’s hands, he apologized for delaying the ceremony and then shared some advice with Brian, who is also from Chicago.” She added.



Obama’s visit to California was sparked with many official duties

On Friday night, he was in San Fransisco.

On Saturday, he attended three Democratic Party fundraisers in the Los Angeles area and then topped it off with his trip at the wedding location.

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