Singer Susumila: My ex-wife is blackmailing me


Prominent Mombasa artiste Yusuf Kombo, better known by stage name Susumila, has claimed his ex-wife is blackmailing him.

Speaking to Citizen Digital, Susumila said his ex-wife, Ruth,  is out to tarnish his image so that he does not get to marry his new flame.

“She is out on a mission to spoil my reputation. She is bitter I am so happy and getting married soon to silverscreen actress Kibibi Salim,” Susumila told.

Susumila has sired two children with Ruth.

She recently accused him of neglecting the children saying he isn’t paying their school fees.

Responding to these allegations, an irate Susumila said: “She (Ruth) is the one who has a problem. If she is not satisfied with what I am doing for the children, she can go report to the children’s rights authorities.”

He added: “She is blackmailing me! I think she wants me to give in to her demands out of coercion. Looking at the timing of her issues, she thinks I am most vulnerable hence would want to protect my image.”

Susumila further divulged he opened up a salon for Ruth; a business he told is an alternative source of money alongside the monthly upkeep finances she gives her.

“I have put up a salon business for her, and I make sure I give her Sh10, 000 every month for the children’s upkeep and welfare.”

“I put into consideration the nature of my musical job – sometimes we too lack shows and sales for our albums. So to make sure the kids never sleep hungry, I had to secure her a permanent source of income.”

Susumila furthers says all the ‘blackmail’ is because his ex-wife wants more monetary support from him.

“Perhaps she thinks that if she blackmails me, I will dish out more cash on top of the monthly upkeep. I don’t think that is right – if it is food – even when the children eat beans and not meat, it is still a meal. It’s not a must they eat chicken because they are Susumila’s kids,” he vented.

Susumila, worked up by the perception that he being an artiste automatically qualifies him to be called affluent, said: “Being Susumila does not mean I am very rich. I have my life and errands to finance. For me the Sh10, 000 is good enough considering I am not on a payroll.”

He added:  “There’s today and tomorrow – we cannot live like we only have today. More so, I cannot invest a lot where I am not committed. I am not ready to sponsor anybody’s lavish lifestyle. The kids’ welfare is my only priority – for now none of them is sick, lacks food or school fees.”

And yet another possible theory why his ex-wife is ‘blackmailing’ him, Susmila said: “I also think she wants us to get back together – why couldn’t she pull such a stunt before?  She’s heard I am remarrying and  she’s gotten jealous.”

The singer says his actress fiancée is doing well, and is not moved by the ex-wife’s ‘gimmicks’.

“Kibibi and I are well. The wedding plans are on, and I will marry her on October 24 in Mombasa in an invite-only ceremony.”


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