The truth about men and cheating

The truth about men and cheating

Boy meets girl and a few years later they walk down the aisle as family and friends cheer them on. The day looks like something straight out of a fairy tale and the couple rides off into their happily ever after.

But as the wedding songs fade, cracks begin to form in the relationship.

The man who was once sweet and caring becomes inattentive and withdrawn. Instead of getting home in time for dinner, he checks in past midnight.

She notices that he never leaves his phone lying around-almost as if he’s afraid of her touching it.

He’s now receiving long phone calls from “work” late into the night.

There seems to be more and more “late nights” at the office.

She tries to bring it up, but he brushes her off saying that she’s being oversensitive.

Her gut feeling tells her that there’s something more or maybe someone else.

One day her doubts are confirmed. There is another woman in his life.

It is a story that we have all heard at one time or another: a seemingly perfect marriage is broken by infidelity. Often, the offender is the last person you would expect to cheat.

He is a loving father, a church leader and a responsible citizen. He’s nothing like the selfish sleazy men on pictures when the word adultery is mentioned.

So, what causes men to cheat? How can you tell if your man is cheating? Relationship expert Steve Harvey explains in the video below:

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