Top international artistes rumoured to be Illuminati; you’re probably a fan of number 2


Rumours of a secret power that bestows superhuman knowledge, skills and favour have been around for many centuries.   The Illuminati, or the enlightened, is a term that has been used to refer to this sect.

It is said that the Illuminati aim to exact influence on the society by placing their adherents in positions of power such as political leadership, religious headship and prominent businesses.

Due to the entertainment industry’s ability to engage the masses, it is said the sector is rife with illuminati members.

There have been numerous claims about how certain individuals are using music to lure others into secretly worshiping this secret power.

Top artistes in the sectors have in one way or another been linked to the evil force. Here are some musicians who are believed to be occult members of the underground group:

Jay Z

In the 2014 Grammy Awards, Jay Z , whose real name is Sean Carter, opened the show by singing – with his wife, Beyoncé – a rendition of “Drunk In Love,” stepped onto the stage and thanked God.

“I would like to thank God,” he said, “a little.”

If practically any other musician made this statement, it probably wouldn’t have been that big of a deal.

But because it was Jay Z, the Twitterverse was sent into a tizzy. The rapper, who also goes by HOV (which is short for Jehovah or God), has long been rumored to be the most prominent member of the occult.

Jay Z has never admitted to being in the Illuminati. Nevertheless, some people can’t help but place him in the Illuminati group.

That’s why when he thanked God; some people were caught somewhat off guard.

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She is famous as the Queen B of the global music industry; powerfully influential.

The sexual innuendos in her music videos and songs are allegedly influencing the youth to premarital sex, drugs and abuse.

Illuminati symbols are said to have always been included in her album photos and videos.

Her performance in last 2014 Superbowl, Queen B is said to have made the widely claimed Illuminati hand symbol of a diamond.

Also, in a photo shoot for I Am… Sasha Fierce, Beyoncé is reported to have donned a dress adorned with a goat skull; one of the famous imageries used to infer to the Illuminati.


Rihanna’s music video for “What Now” is claimed to be full of Illuminati imagery.

She has been in more than one instance seen flashing the diamond hand symbol – a sign alleged to be an Illuminati symbol.

Rihanna’s music videos have also been treated as hinters, linking her to the occult.

“They are flirtatious and encourage their viewers on enjoying sex and drugs. The way they live their life is also being connected to the Illuminati. They are proud to share their sexual activities to the public,” reads a statement in Venture Capital Post.

Kanye West

Another Roc-A-Fella Records artiste, Kanye West, is alleged to be playing up the Illuminati rumors with a Horus necklace, big eye of providence rings, plenty of occult imagery in his videos and liberal use of the pyramid hand symbol.

His video for “Power” is widely believed to be filled with Illuminati symbols and imagery.

Katy Perry

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, better known as Katy Perry, is another star rumoured to belong to the occult.

Her recent performance in the recent SuperBowl where she rode a gigantic lion while wearing a dress in flames is believed to be a representative symbol of the Illuminati.

Her several performances are also inspired by fire and demons, making most fans question her religious inclination.

Writer’s note: These are purely allegations, Citizen Digital cannot independently verify.

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