Veteran singer Mr Lenny: Why I told my wife I don’t want children

Mr Lenny has revealed that he once told his wife that he does not want ...
Mr Lenny has revealed that he once told his wife that he does not want to have children PHOTO/COURTESY

Veteran Kenyan singer Lenson Njuki, better known to many as Mr Lenny, has revealed that he once told his wife that he does not want to have children.

Mr Lenny intimated exclusively to Citizen Digital that he grew up seeing his parents fight physically quite often – and that it affected him emotionally and psychologically.

The singer’s parents would later separate when their differences proved irreconcilable. Unfortunately, he was still young – he had not come of age to bear all that was happening around him.

“When my parents separated it affected me. No one wants to come from a broken family, nobody. We all want to live in a household where there’s a father and a mother. It is important to have those two figures living together. There’s something that your father will give you that your mother cannot, and vice versa. You need both. When one is missing, you are likely to lose in a lot of things in life; and most probably you might end up not succeeding with your own family,” said the Nairobi-born artiste.

“There are people who have overcome that – there are guys that have been brought up by single parent families and have succeeded. However, it really affected me. Growing up and seeing our parents fight wasn’t the best. There was a lot of shame we would carry. I did not want to interact with my pals because they would make fun of me – that my parents often fought.

“In fact, it gotten to a point that I prayed they would separate because it was not good at all – neighbours knew everything that was going on between my parents,” added the Juju hitmaker.

“Despite separation being a bad thing for any family; it, sometimes, is a good thing when a wrangling couple splits because things would pacify – especially for the kids.”

“That explains why it is advisable for parents to solve their differences and issues away from the children’s eyes. Even if parents are going to separate, they shouldn’t let their children see how bad things are; that affects them,” insisted the singer.

“It affected me to a point I told myself I don’t want to become a father. In fact, all the women I met, and especially my wife; I told them point blank – I don’t want to have kids.

“I questioned why I should have kids, and I probably would end up like my dad and mum. I used to think if things were like how I grew up, then why should I even have kids? If by any chance things don’t work out, then my wife will leave me and my kids would consequently suffer – so I looked at it that way and reached that decision. I even wished to date a girlfriend who equally did not want kids,” said Lenny.

However, he would later change his perception about having children.

“Later on as life went on, I changed my perception. I met other people who went through worse situations than me; and they thus encouraged me,” concluded the veteran Kenyan local music singer.

Mr Lenny is a proud father of two; a son (6) and a daughter (10-months-old).

The singer recently released a new song dubbed Millionea featuring K-Letta. Watch the video below:

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