#WCW: Conjestina Achieng: I am Miss World

#WCW: Conjestina Achieng: I am Miss World
Former World Boxing Association middleweight champion Conjestina Achieng. PHOTO| COURTESY

Legendary Kenyan boxer, Conjestina Achieng is not mad as sections of the media earlier reported.

Dr Javan Ochieng of Foundation of Hope Treatment Centre in Kisumu, where Conjestina is admitted at, says the former boxer is ‘very fine’, only that she occasionally has illusions which are currently being managed.

Dr Ochieng’ had earlier divulged to Citizen Digital that Conjestina suffers from clinical depression and marijuana dependency.

She has been put on antidepressants and detoxifiers to stabilize her, and the doctor says her condition has improved greatly.

Conjestina Achieng covers this festive season’s #WCW segment.

Citizen Digital caught up with the spritely ‘Miss World’ as she calls herself at the rehabilitation centre in Kisumu.

Contrary to what many thought, Conjestina’s speech is very polished, her responses to questions is on point and her desire to get back on her feet is inspiring!


Below is her story as told by her:

“My name is Conjestina Achieng; I am a veteran Kenyan boxer.”

“I got interested in boxing since childhood. I started by punching banana stems; I realised it wasn’t working for me, then I went to hitting the wall, but it was hurting my fingers; so I decided to take a sack full of soil and then I tied it on a tree. After school, I would go train with it.”

“For one to be an exceptional fighter in the ring, he/she must train; and he must have discipline. That will make him succeed in the sport cum career.”

Boxing memories

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“My most memorable match is when I fought Fiona Tugume from Uganda. This lady was so huge compared to me! By that time I was weighing 65kgs (welterweight) and Fiona was super middle weight – very heavy!”

Despite being at a disadvantage, Conjestina defeated Fiona.

“But because I wanted to fight for my country, I gave my best and outshone her; and that’s what I did and I’ve been doing.”

Through her victories in the ring, Conjestina went on to make a name for herself, both in Kenya and abroad.

Through it all, Conjestina strived to maintain a good relationship with her competitors.

“After fighting my opponents and winning, I used to pray a lot so that they don’t perceive me as their enemy; I used to tell them battling it out in the ring was just a career .”

So, what was the last match she participated in?

“The last boxer I fought before my health started deteriorating was Natascha Ragosina from Russia; at that time she was based in Germany. According to the contract we signed, we were to fight with Ms Ragosina thrice. I fought her twice, she beat me in the two but when it came to the third time, she refused. I don’t know why. Both fights were held in Germany.”

conje 3

But her boxing career came grinding to a halt when her health took a turn for the worst.

“A Ghanaian boxer used to facilitate my travel. After I fell ill, he could come to Kenya and ask why I wasn’t honoring the calls to go and fight abroad. The people around me could tell him Conjestina is pregnant; which was a lie.”

‘Queen of Africa’

“I was given the name ‘Queen of Africa’ by media people. After addressing the press, they could say: ‘we’ve been looking for the queen of Africa, and we think you (Conjestina) are the queen.’”

“Nowadays I’m beyond Africa, I am miss world; I am moving very fast!” she joked.

Missing boxing

Even though she has been out of the ring for some time, Conjestina wants to don her gloves once more.

“I want to go back to boxing; and even football. Many people might not know I am a very good striker; position 9 on the pitch.”

According to Dr Ochieng, Conjestina’s illusions will be, to a great extent, managed in the next few months.

“Her illusions are not bad; she is on anti-depressants. She is on the prescription for the next one month. People can support Conjestina through the institution; she needs things like sanitary towels, and she can also be taken to gyms in Kisumu to reactivate her,” he said.

Conjestina did not forget to send her festive season message to Kenyans.

“I wish Kenyans a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”

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