We can’t wait to meet and enjoy Kenyan women- Dru Hill

We can’t wait to meet and enjoy Kenyan women- Dru Hill

Brace yourselves, R &B lovers. Dru Hill is in Nairobi for a once-in-a-lifetime performance.

With songs ranging from the sexy drama of In My Bed to slow-dance anthem Never Make a Promise, the Baltimore-based quartet of Nokio, Jazz, Sisqo and Tao (who replaced Woody) is set to wow Kenyan fans with hits from the 20-year career.

Though the band has only been in the country for two days, Tao has already had a taste of Nairobi nightlife. On his first night out, he had the opportunity to interact with Kenyan women and he said, “ (they were) beautiful, just beautiful. Their skin and body…it was nice for what I saw.”

Even though the whole group hasn’t been able to interact with women since they arrived in the country, they are excited to have a taste of that side of Kenya.

The Thong Song crooner, Sisqo said, “I would love to be introduced to the plethora of women! I am ready.”

Asked about what colour of thong he liked, he said, “It depends on your skin tone, whatever goes best with that, then bring it with you. That’s the best colour,”

In a naughty rejoinder, Tao and Nokio said, “Or just don’t bring any with you!”

So have they tried any local food?

“Yes, we’ve tried some of the food from here. I had a stone-man moment the other morning in in my room. They brought me breakfast and the had this fruit I’s never seen before! I had to ask my Twitter followers how to eat it!”

Inasmuch as they’re excited about exploring the goodies that Kenya has to offer, the band said that their priority is giving their fans an night they will live to remember.

20 years into their career, the band says they’re not ready to stop. Speaking during their Power Breakfast interview on Friday, the band announced that they will have new music coming out in 2016.

The band added they have continued to produce music over the years, but their new songs have not been reciving as much airplay as their golden oldies.

The group explained that they were pushed out of the limelight after they decided to explore their independence in a bid to stay true to their genre of music.

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