Wealthy singer Akothee ready to have sixth baby with a man who meets this condition


Wealthy Kenyan singer Esther Akoth, better known Akothee, now says she is ready to have her sixth baby with a man who will move her from her five bedroom mansion to a six bedroom house.

Akothee, who has five children (three daughters and two sons) from her past relationships, says each of the five bedrooms belongs to one child.

The Shengerera Mama star says if one has to sire her sixth child, then he should take her out of her current house to a much a bigger one to accommodate the sixth born.

“I don’t mind baby number six because I am qualified in taking care of a Garrison, but remember once beaten twice shy. My house has five bedrooms; so any man who would like to have a baby with me, make sure I am moving to a six bedroom house before we talk of pregnancy,” she posted on social media.

Akothee added she has time and again encountered people who claim she is old.

“I understand why they call me an old woman in my 30s – simply because I have 5 kids, but come to think of it – who gives birth to 5 kids in this crazy economic situation? Surely, only mad people like Akothee,” wrote the artiste.

The flashy singer went ahead to question the priorities of women who fall pregnant while they are still being housed by their parents.

“So I even wonder how women are still getting pregnant and sharing a house with their parents in the name of love! Men don’t mean it all the time when they say they want to have a baby with you, it’s their way of making you comfortable!”

However, her gripe has an exception and an advice at the same time.

“We can’t blame it on them all the times, please don’t commit if you are not stable and ready. I am not being materialistic but realistic; any way how you take it is your cup of tea!” she said, before concluding: “So you that is still hustling look at the stigma of having a baby in unstable relationships, concentrate on your future and you will have fun.”

The singer who was married when she was 14-years-old and got her first baby at 16 said in an exclusive interview with Citizen Digital that having babies is her hobby.

“Having many kids is a hobby, and I wish I could fall pregnant again.”

She, however, is very cautious of the man she’ll carry his pregnancy.

“I have had enough of men, and I lost trust in them. It will take me years to fall in love again. The love I have now is for me and my children, because no man has plans for me. There is no man who can handle me because there’s no way I will fall into any man’s plans. I call the shots,” she told.

“So when you want to come and fall in my plans and I already have five kids, and you have no child: Do you think I will be pregnant for you – no way! If you want to come to me bare-handed and you want me to be paying your bills, I am sorry it won’t happen”, asserted Akothee.

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  1. Her conditions are very competitive. That’s a good challenge for those who qualify but aren’t married.Must have heard-just a kid.Marriage isn’t easy especially when it grows from conditional love.We’ve seen poor lovers blessed with stable marriage unions and wealthy partners in warbling union.On the other side,some end up not marrying.-Ok,not a must to marry.So,What’s going on there?!! -Let’s check our family history.

  2. wish you happiness and good with all my heart in the world and the Hereafter Please Read the holy quran because it is the words of God. I ask God to guide you to the correct religion And live true happiness. Thanks very much

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