What My one-year-old son has taught me, TV Anchor reveals

What My one-year-old son has taught me, TV Anchor reveals

Ugandan-born TV anchor, Joy Doreen Biira, has revealed the most important lessons that her one-year-old son, Ty, has taught her.

In an emotive birthday post, the Kenya Television Network (KTN) newscaster celebrated her adorable toddler, stating that he’s a godsend.

“Ty is one year old today and the best gift from God to us. Seeing him grow from the first time the midwife placed him in my arms is an honor and blessing. Ty has taught me/us so many lessons in life,” said Biira.

The TV siren, who was listed as Uganda’s third sexiest and brainiest woman Elle Afrique Magazine, is engaged to Newton Kungu. The couple welcomed their baby on December 16 2014, and Kungu was present during the delivery of their son.


Watching their newborn grow over the first four months, the Makerere University graduate learned that she should release herself from the chains of worry.

“Between 0-4months babies wake up, cry feed and sleep. They don’t know where their next meal comes from but they do so anyway. As we grow into adults we worry so much about where we are and what we want to be tomorrow,” said Biira.

Additionally, those first four months of motherhood reminded the TV host of her reliance on God: “He who created us only asks that we trust Him… seek first the Kingdom and all else shall be added unto you.”

How did the next four go months for her?

“At 4-8months babies start to notice there is a world out there and then start to explore. They try to reach out for things, to crawl, to eat. When it doesn’t work out today, they try again tomorrow and the day after and the day after that until they crawl, learn to chew and stand etc,” posted the first-time mum.

This resilience, according to Biira, is a lesson that many adults could stand to relearn, “When we grow up we forget so fast…when we try something once…twice we give up… if babies gave up they would not crawl or walk or do anything more.”


As babies continue to grow, parents begin to discern emotions and personality traits in their offspring.

“They have favorite food and fruits, they make friends and yes babies do read minds (at least I know Ty has some serious intuition to tell when someone is sad) and will follow people they love everywhere they go…and get sad when they leave them alone, get excited when they see them again,” said Biira.

What’s more, babies never harbour grudges: “Babies get angry too but they NEVER hold hard feelings! They will greet you with a smile that even on your longest of days, everything just fades away.”

This trait challenged the light-skinned beauty to love and appreciate friends and family more. Furthermore, Ty has taught his mum to forgive those who have wronged her.

She urged her fans to take time to learn from babies, adding that picking up these lessons would make the world a merrier place.

She concluded the post by wishing her one-year-old health and happiness.

“Dad and mum, friends(who’ve have now become family), the grandmas and grandpas, aunties and uncles are so proud of you. May God bless you 100 fold, protect you, give you good health. May God give us the will and strength to bring you up in the best way possible.”

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