Why gospel star Kirk Franklin would never cheat on his wife

Why gospel star Kirk Franklin would never cheat on his wife

Kirk Franklin is a man of many faults-an issue that he has readily admitted to. Perhaps the most publicised of his sins is his addiction to pornography, a struggle that he has spoken openly about in the past.

“There’s always the boy who has the big brother who has the magazine under his bed. That’s how it starts. So the first time I ever saw one, I was around 8 or 9. I saw my first magazine, and from there I was addicted… ” Franklin told in a CBN interview.

The father of four went on to struggle with his addiction to pornography for many years, finally breaking free in his late 20’s.

Though he has struggled with sexual sin in the past, one thing that he says he would hate to do is cheat on his wife of two decades, Tammy.

Though Franklin confesses that he loves his ‘bae’ deeply, this love is not the main reason he stays faithful. So what motivates him to stay true to his wife?

The 46-year-old singer says: “…to fail Tammy, is to fail God. To cheat on tammy is to cheat on the kingdom, my children, and even you… those who trust me to chase Christ with everything I got. I’m not perfect, but I’m still in love…with Tammy.”

I was dumb-Kirk Franklin

franklin 2

Celebrating his 20th wedding anniversary on social media, the Stomp hit-maker said that back then he was dumb: “Today I celebrate 20 years with this woman! We were young, I was dumb, she came from a good family, I had NO family, but she was patient; not stupid,” posted Franklin.

His wife, who was in many ways ‘out of his league’, bore with him and made him a better man.

“(She is) a prime example of how a good woman can change a man without breaking him down. My past was sketchy…she knew that. She didn’t compromise her standard but helped me reach it.”

The road has, however, not been easy for the two lovebirds.

Franklin said they stood the test of time because of unity, even in times when he though with his “other head” “We’ve seen dark days together, but we saw them, TOGETHER. Men can be dumb at times, and want what’s newer, fresher, or what our other “head” thinks is better…”

The multi-Grammy award-winning singer and composer also went on to credit his wife for the hits he has churned out over the years.

“Every song you’ve heard over the last 20 years, she wrote it. She was every lyric, every key change spelled her name.”

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