Woman snubbed me for not owning a car – Shaniqwa


Renowned Kenyan comedian Kelvin Mwangi Thiong’o, popularly known as Shaniqwa, has revealed he is single and searching for a soul mate.

Speaking to Daily Nation’s Buzz, Kelvin says in his quest to find love, he has encountered women who are out to engage romantically with ‘loaded’ men only.

Intimating details about what he thinks of Nairobi women, Kelvin said: “They are dramatic and straight forward; we think Vera Sidika and Huddah Monroe are the only socialites, but there are so many who love men with money. If you don’t have a car, you are doomed.”

“I once met a woman in a club; I approached her and asked her if she would have a drink with me; she asked if I had a car, and when I said no, she told me: ‘maybe next time.’”, he narrated.

Phobia for darkness

An inquiry by the publication about Shaniqwa’s phobia led him to open about being single.

Buzz: What scares you?

Shaniqwa: I am afraid of the dark. I sleep with all the lights in my house on.

Buzz: Doesn’t your wife complain about it?

Shaniqwa: I am not married, I am single…

Well, with all the fame and charisma that comes with his character – the ease of using his personality in making people laugh, like he does; why is Shaniqwa single?

“I have not met the right person yet, but I want to get married very soon. I am done with single life, drinking milk and eating bread and noodles. I am searching for someone who will love me – not Shaniqwa – just me,” he said.

The 25-year-old admits he has met women who approach him because of his noteworthy character, but says he’d only date a lady who will appreciate him as Kelvin, and not Shaniqwa.

“When I get old, that character won’t be there anymore. Does it mean I will be divorced once Shaniqwa hangs her wig? I want to meet someone who has never had of Shaniqwa,” he stated.

Shaniqwa is the lead character in KTN’s comedy series, Jameni. He plays the motor-mouth, sophisticated, sassy and stubborn socialite in the show. When he wears heavy make-up, a weave and dons a thigh-hugging dress, you’d mistake him for a lady in real life.

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