10 simple tips to stay fresh and confident at work

10 simple tips to stay fresh and confident at work

While its true that most of us spend more time in our work stations than our beds, ironically not all take delight in confinement behind that desk all day.

The discomfort may be due to external or personal reasons which can be fixed.

Here is a listicle that will ease your unwillingness to go to work

1.Enough Sleep

Avoid ‘Netflix and Chill’ on workdays. Retire to bed early and refrain from using your phone while in bed; it leads to insomnia (courtesy of the internet) which in turn leads to daytime drowsiness.

2. Exercise

Start your day with a little kick of legs, stretching of bones and a bit of sweating will renew your energy and refresh your mind.

3. Meditate

Meditating involves focusing one’s mind for a period of time in silence as a method of relaxation. Try meditating for 5mins every day and see the results.

4. Breakfast

This is the most important meal of the day. Missing it might cause slothfulness and fatigue during the day. Make it count.

5. Brush your teeth

This will give you the confidence and freedom you deserve while at work.

6. Water

Drink lots of water. Water spins the motor of life, it re-hydrates your body and dilutes the urge of untimely lunch.

7. Fresh clothes

Wear fresh clothes daily unless washed avoid wearing the same trouser or vest again. This will keep you fresh, comfortable and confident.

8. Body posture

You probably have woken up with a stiff neck with spasms of pain running down your spine. This is brought about by wrong body posture while in bed or a couch. Maintain an upright and proper postures when engaging in activities including lifting stuff.

9. Move around

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Moving around suppresses the monotony and boredom behind your desk, it stretch’s your body muscles and enables you to get refreshed.

10. Carry a deodorant, a cologne and breath spray

No it is not a ‘slay-queen’ recipe. It’s for the purpose of keeping fresh.

Now buckle up and be awesome.

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Story By Ferdnand Muganda
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