Why you shouldn’t throw away silica gels

Why you shouldn't throw away silica gels

In Summary

  • More often than not, people throw away the tiny white sachets after buying a shoe or a bag.
  • They can save you the foul smell in your rubbish bin, gym backpack or help your phone dry out fast when accidentally tossed into water.
  • Slipping a few packets into your jewelry box prevents moisture from tarnishing your priced belongings.

Silica gel is often found in tiny white sachets at the bottom of a shoe box or inside a new handbag.

More often than not, people end up throwing away the sachets not knowing that they can use them for other purposes.

They can save you the mouldy smell in your gym backpack or help your phone dry out fast when accidentally or deliberately tossed in water.

Research online shows that they can be used to:

  • Dry out a wet phone

Woops! Phone tumbled down the toilet? Don’t panic. Just get a few silica packets; remove the case, battery, SIM card and SD card (if there was one inside) then set them aside. Place the phone in a bowl filled with silica gel packets to dry out the moisture. Wait for at least 24 hours before switching your phone back on.

  • Keep underwater cameras dry

These kind of cameras are usually okay under water but one needs to be careful to avoid pile-up in condensation that leaves streaks on their lenses. A few Silica gel packets will work magic!

  • Protect razors

No one likes rusty razor blades. This is normally caused by oxidation reaction on the metal thanks to free moisture in the air. Keep razors in Tupperware containers filled with Silicone sachets and they will last longer.

  • Preserve pet food

More often than not, pet owners buy food in bulk and store them together. This makes the food prone to moisture absorption which can make it go bad. Pack pet food in plastic bins and tape a few silica gel packets on the inside. Dry food, happy pets!

  • Dry wet clothes

You know that time when the holiday comes to an end and you didn’t pack properly. The last thing you want is that mouldy smell when you toss your wet swimsuit into your travel bag. Place your wet clothes in a different bag and place a few Silica sachets in them. No mouldy smell when you get home!

  • Keep seeds dry

To keep seeds fresh for an oncoming planting season, keep them in sealed containers with Silica gel packets in them. This prevents them from getting mouldy before use.

  • Prevent jewelry from turning color

Slip a few packets of Silica gel into your jewelry box. This prevents moisture from tarnishing or deteriorating the quality of your priced belongings.

  • Hearing aids

If you live in an area where moisture fills the air, you might need to store your hearing aids in a container with silica packages at night. This is to avoid any infections or further damages that can be caused by moist hearing aids.

  • Musty old books

There are a few people who love the smell of dusty old books but to some, it is more of a nuisance. To prevent this, put a few books in a bag with satchets of Silica gel and the smell will disappear.

  • Glass

It’s not uncommon for glass, especially windowsills and windshields to have condensation, more so in the colder months of the year. You could place a few sachets on the dashboard and windowsills to avoid moisture damaging your glassware.

  • Keep pumpkins, squash fresh

You probably have pumpkin pie left-overs or half-cut left over pumpkins. These are commonly known to gather mould and rotting fast. This can be prevented by breaking open a silica gel packet and using the beads inside. Push them into the outer layer of the pumpkin or squash to help them thrive through the cold months.

  • Protect photographs

Drop a few sachets into a zip lock bag with your photos to make sure they don’t get damaged by moisture.

  • Keep make-up bag dry

Silica gel packets can be sealed in with your make-up bag to maintain dryness and no messy make up disasters.

  • Protect papers

 Just like everything else on the list, preventing damage from moisture will mean keeping few silica sachets in the storage drawers.

  •  Prevent trash smell

Instead of tossing your silica gel packets away after buying a bag or a shoe, use them to keep the bottom of your trash can fresh.

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