29 things every Kenyan should stop doing before turning 30

29 things every Kenyan should stop doing before turning 30

When you are in your 20s, you can generally get away with a lot of things.

It’s somewhat implied that those years are there for making mistakes, learning from them, and bridging the gap between pre-adulthood and adulthood.

However, as the years progress, you have to do some adulting and embrace that you are, after all, grown.

When approach the big 3-0, you realise that you must make some changes. You must leave some things in the past – clear out emotional and mental space to make room for serious things.

  1. Facebook stalking, particularly your ex. It was over years ago; it’s time you leave the past in the past and completely move on.
  2. Comparing yourself with your buddies. So what if she got married at 24 and you are still trying to figure out the dating game? We all have different journeys.
  3. Seeking approval from other people. You’ve done enough of that from your teens. You are enough for yourself. If someone doesn’t accept you as you are, then they are not meant for you.
  4. Sleeping away your entire weekend. Get a hobby. Learn something new.
  5. Binge drinking. Trust me; those hangovers only get worse with each passing year.
  6. Asking mom or dad for money. You should be the one spoiling them now, not the other way around.
  7. Keeping bad friends around because you are afraid of being alone. Your time is precious, so spend it with people who want the best for you.
  8. Buying anything and everything you want when you’re shopping. By now you should know that buyer’s remorse is real, and that you’ll need that money for something.
  9. Being scared to follow your dreams.
  10. Advertising drunk nights on social media. Drinking your face off is not an achievement.
  11. Skipping beauty routines. Take care of that lovely skin if you want to keep the wrinkles at bay.
  12. Pulling all-nighters.
  13. Making excuses not to workout.
  14. Eating fast food. Time to eat right, because it’s harder to lose weight after 30.
  15. Spending most of your money on alcohol or eating out.
  16. Waiting for someone to do something for you so that you don’t have to.
  17. Lying to yourself
  18. Only cleaning the toilet or tub when it literally can’t wait another minute.
  19. Giving up when things get hard.
  20. Staying in a bad relationship because you are afraid  of being single.
  21. Forgetting self-care
  22. Holding on to old grudges. Forgive. Forget. Move on.
  23. Washing your bath towel and sheets once every few months or just when you have company coming.
  24. Neglecting family time. You will not have your parents around  forever.
  25. Blaming the world for all your problems.
  26. Unhealthy dieting or buying in to quick-fix weight-loss plans.
  27. Texting while driving.
  28. Not saving money.
  29. Participating in unnecessary drama.

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