4 reasons why you are not losing weight

4 reasons why you are not losing weight

Working out is one of the healthiest things that you can do. But like the 21st century relationships, they don’t always work.

You want to lose some weight, right? Or do you want to gain muscle? So you go and join the coolest gym in town, sweat your life away but after a few weeks, you can’t see the results. Don’t despair, here are some of the reasons why your workout routine is not working.

1. You have not changed your diet.

Working out is the fastest way to burn calories or add muscle but if you are not eating nutritious foods, it’s a waste of time. Stop eating those damn fries! Addictive junk food and carbonated drinks will not fuel your workout. Let them go! Eat healthy, and a little less. Don’t starve yourself though, it will only make you weak. Don’t want you fainting at the gym now do we?

2. You don’t get enough sleep.

If you are trading your sleep for workouts, you got it all wrong.  Sleepless nights will render you unfocused and you will not accord your routine the attention that it needs.  Sleep long enough to be fresh as you head to the gym; you need it for your fitness plan to work. Sleep also helps your muscles and body to heal and rejuvenate ready for the next session.

3. You are over doing it.

Sometimes, your training does not work because you are overdoing it. When you train too much, it weakens your muscles and leads to fatigue. When your body is tired, it burns less calories and you do less.

4. You have been doing the same exercise.

Your body has a way of getting used to the same thing, to an extent that it doesn’t work anymore. You don’t have to work out all day for it to work, just take some time. You’d be shocked at how much change you can notice after working out for an hour everyday.

Change a few things in your fitness plan and make it work!

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