70,000 condoms distributed at Masaku 7s

King of Condom at work
King of Condom at work distributing protection packs

About 70,000 condoms were distributed at the recently concluded Masaku 7s, which took place between Friday and Sunday.

The condoms were distributed for free in an effort to promote safe sex during the event.

The man behind the initiative, Stanley Ngara, also known as King of Condoms, said he personally gave out 36,000 packs to rugby fans, with the rest being distributed by his team members.

For over 15 years now, Stanley has been distributing condoms nationwide to various groups of people in a bid to arrest the spread of HIV/AIDS.

He studied community development in college, but says distributing condoms is a passion which he would not trade for anything.

Citizen Digital caught up with him at Masaku 7s and prepared this interview:

Citizen Digital (C): Tell us about your experience and how you came to be the country’s ‘King of Condoms’

Stanley (S): I have seen young Kenyans losing their lives to HIV/AIDS. The youth are most affected as they are very active sexually.

This prompted me to start the initiative of distributing free condoms (which I get from the government through Ministry of Health) to the youth to help save lives that benefit the country’s economy.

I have done that for 15 years now, making me earn the moniker ‘King of Condoms’.

C: Your main target is the youth?

S: The youth form bulk of the condom recipients, but I distribute them to people of other age groups too.

I walk in bars and entertainment joints to reach my target audience.

C: We have seen you distribute condoms in social events like Masaku 7s, why do you target such events?

S: You all know what happened in Masaku 7s 2014 edition, it was so unfortunate seeing young people engage in irresponsible sexual behaviour. It left me questioning where I was when all that was happening and thinking that if they had the right information they would have done the right thing.

That and other experiences led me to embrace every social exercise.

C: Speaking of the right information, which messages do you prioritise?

S: I give important information about condom use. Most young people do not know how to properly wear protection, for example.

In trying to help this lot, I inform them about importance of condom use, how to use it and how to properly dispose of it.

C: Do you also offer counseling services?

Stanley: I work in partnership with a counseling agency.

You can call the organisation via 1190, which is a free toll contact, where you can get free counseling on matters sex and HIV/AIDS.

C: What are the challenges you face when doing this job?

My main challenge is perception by some people who think I distribute condoms to encourage sexual activity. No, I want people to embrace condom use.

C: When do you plan to hang up your boots on the job?

S: (Laughs) I will retire, like any other person, at the right age.

Sometimes though, it gets very embarrassing to wake up each morning thinking about condoms, but it is what I love doing.

C: Tell us about the future of this initiative

S: I am looking forward to grooming ‘kings and queens of condoms’ in all the 47 counties; people who are passionate about saving vulnerable lives.

C: Which advice will you give to the youth reading this?

HIV is real and it has a negative effect on our country.

Those who acquire HIV should immediately start taking their ARVs before the virus blows out of control.

However, being HIV positive should not stop your life, fight on.



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70,000 condoms distributed at Masaku 7s
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