A beautiful wife equals good marriage

Happy Couple
Happy Couple

In another one of those “studies that tend to piss women off” it was found that the secret to happiness in marriage for men is having an attractive wife!

In the study, published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 450 newlywed couples were given the lab animal treatment for four years.

Psychologist Andrea Meltzer along with her team came to the conclusion that a woman’s beauty plays a big role in her husband’s marital satisfaction.

On the flipside a man’s attractiveness served little impact on his wife’s happiness.

Immediately after reading about the research findings, I thought of a scenario where a brother is finding it hard to connect with his beautiful wife.

However, every time he wakes up and sees her flawless face he resets his anger and keeps playing it forward.

Beauty is only skin deep, right? No, before you scratch the skin to find out what lies underneath, you first come into contact with the surface to make a decision whether to look deeper or not.

The study found that the happiness of sampled attractive women was directly linked to their husbands.

Here is the rub: How was this standard of beauty measured for these wives anyway?

I have guy talk almost every other day with my boys. Since we all come from different ethnic communities, social classes and backgrounds, our idea of beauty tends to vary from one person to another.

Like sure, we all universally agree on certain women being “attractive” but isn’t looks a bit subjective to base a study on?

Maybe not, who knows – we’ve all been programmed to accept that a certain standard is supposed to be beautiful but… Wait! Maybe they pulled the husbands to the side to see how crazy they were about their women’s looks. Ahh… now that seems legit.

In any event, the study seems to make sense when we look at why the couples are happy more so than the fact that the wives are hot (to their husbands).

Men are visual creatures and for a man to feel “lucky” in finding a spouse who he deems a “catch” I am going to assume that he will do everything right by her to keep her “glued”. Are you catching what I’m throwing at you?

The women in turn have a husband who is loving and pleasant due to the way he feels about her so the two complement one another.

Man, if you want to have a successful marriage, tie the knot with that hot chic next door, that pretty cool lass in your office, that lovely best friend of your sister’s; but…make sure; I’ll repeat that – make sure her character resembles her face, body and smile.

Note: there’s an exception to every rule; don’t feel tied to this; you can marry whoever you wish.

Have it good, brother.


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A beautiful wife equals good marriage
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