Beer could be good for gym, study finds as brewers start combo offers

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Beer, if taken in moderation could be good for your health, a study has found.

According to the study, alcohol for the moderate drinker could possibly serve as good motivation to hit the gym.

”Scientists still need to do more research as to exactly what the connection is, but several studies have found that people who drink moderately tend to exercise more than abstainers,” CNN reports.

Leigh Leasure of the behavioral neuroscience lab at the University of Houston observes that players, as a matter of custom, often have a drink after a game.

”But you don’t even have to have a victory, to want to celebrate,” she says, adding that exercise gives the body a good feeling that can be prolonged by a few pints of alcohol.

Leasure added that alcohol and exercise are on the ”same pathways in the brain.”

According to Leasure, the two elements both trigger the release of dopamine which in turn triggers physical activity and endorphins which make the body more receptive to stimulating substances such as alcohol.

It could be possible that a combination of this two, in the right amount could give one a euphoric feeling.

In the U.S., beer making companies are applying this finding to their business to increase sales by providing package services that offer both elements.

Mike Zamzow, owner of the Bull Falls Brewery saw great success when he offered a combo package of cardio exercises and his brew.

According to him, many people want to give up on a workout session but the promise of alcohol at the end will keep them going.

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