Turmeric use linked to weight loss

Turmeric use linked to weight loss

In Summary

  • Curcumin, an active ingredient in Turmeric, has a strong anti-oxidant property.
  • The spice has tremendous wholesome benefits for the human body.
  • Its benefits include cancer prevention, weight loss, pain relief, immunity boost, stretchmarks reduction, and so much more.

You may have seen and heard about Turmeric one too many times and probably know of some of its benefits.

However, there are many healthy properties that you may be missing out on.

Asians have used it for over 1,000 years now and its health benefits can be seen on their hair, skin and cure of diseases.

Curcumin, an active ingredient in Turmeric, has a strong anti-oxidant property. This article highlights the various benefits of using the spice:

  • prevents heart diseases
  • improves immunity
  • aids in weight loss and metabolism
  • prevents neurological diseases
  • promotes brain health
  • prevents cancer
  • offers excellent anti-oxidant properties
  • delays aging
  • can be used as a natural painkiller
  • treats skin pigmentation
  • prevents hair loss
  • helps treat dandruff
  • cures stretch marks
  • soothes burns
  • heals cracked feet
  • aids in exfoliation
  • aids in diabetes treatment
  • works as a natural antiseptic
  • detoxifies the liver
  • reduces menstrual pain
  • treats digestive disorders

Turmeric helps clear the skin and even-out undesired pigmentation. This is how to make the turmeric mask for use on the face:

  1. Add a few tablespoons of turmeric powder into a bowl or container of choice.
  2. Slowly pour a little bit of milk,stirring it with your fingers till you reach consistency desired (paste shouldn’t be too dry or too drippy)
  3. Generously apply turmeric blend topically onto your face carefully.Avoid the eye area.
  4. Let it dry for 30 minutes.
  5. Wash off paste with clean water.
  6. Use cotton balls and liquid toner or fresh lemon juice to remove any discoloration left.
  7. Do not use a towel as turmeric will leave orange stains.
  8. Moisturize skin after removing all the turmeric.

It is advised that this procedure be done once or twice a week to achieve good results. It is an inexpensive way of cleansing facial skin as the spice is easily available.

It’s only right to declare turmeric as a must-have for every household…You can thank me later!


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