Five ways to maintain a fresh young look

Young, vibrant woman
Young, vibrant woman

Five ways to maintain a fresh young look

Whether we like it or not, we cannot avoid growing and looking old.

Everyone has to age physically, but research has shown that some people age faster than others.

Whether you look 28 at 50 or 50 at 28 is all up to you, because your lifestyle will determine your appearance as you age.

You can soften the blows of time and slow down the clock by doing certain things such as taking care of your skin and eating healthy, along with regular exercise.

Follow these five simple guides to help you look younger and fresh for longer.

Wash your face twice a day

I know sometimes you are too sleepy to wash your face in the morning and too tired to remove your makeup before sleep.

According to research, failing to wash your face twice a day is one of the habits that lead to premature ageing.

It takes a few minutes to wash your face but it will save you a whole lot of problems.

Find some time in your morning and night schedule to fix this important activity to ensure long term beauty.

Not only will you prevent premature wrinkles, but also acne.

Take care of your neck, shoulders and hands

Neck, shoulders and hands are notorious for revealing a person’s true age, despite one having a smooth, pretty and age defying face.

It is important you take care of those crucial parts of your body each day to prevent premature ageing.

Moisturise your neck, shoulders and hands before sleep.

Make sure you use a sunscreen with a high SPF factor during the day to prevent sunburns and exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, which will speed up your skin’s ageing process.

Remember to use sunscreen on cloudy and rainy days too.

Get seven to eight hours of sleep

When you sleep more than eight hours or less than six hours, you could cause your skin more harm than good.

Your body needs between seven and eight hours of sleep to repair itself.

It is recommended you go to bed at or earlier than 11pm.

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Five ways to maintain a fresh young look
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