Four ways to identify men who are only after sex

Young Couple
Young Couple

You spent the whole evening getting to know him (or so you were convinced). Your feelings for him grew after meeting him last weekend in a nightclub; he smiled at you and bought you a drink, if not more.

The drinks came flowing and you were swept away by his generosity.

The time to take you home came and, like a gentleman, he escorted you back to your humble abode.

After engaging your senses, you issued a polite excuse to stop him from getting into your house that time of the night.

Although he looked slightly down in the mouth, he did ask for your number.

He was so charming, magnetic, sexy, and above all so Apollo; you could not resist, and dished it out so quickly: 07XXX…

He sent you one of those wild texts the next day; you received the message, believed and blushed, then replied straight away.

But then he took two days to respond. This delay unexpectedly got under your skin, but as the romance was still developing, you ghosted through it.

Fast forward… three days and another text arrives on a Friday.

Your heart skips a beat as you read his invitation to a friend’s birthday party.

Wow! How thoughtful of him at a time you were forcing your being to slow the pace at which you were growing to like him.

Your schedule for that night was not packed. But even if it was, what could deter you from going out with him? He is so hot for crying out loud! (you think)

Meeting him gave you an excuse to wear those killer pair of heels and short see-through thigh-hugging dress; he was fascinated by the other dress anyway; this time round, you wanted to literally ‘murder’ him.

8 o’clock rolled around and you found yourself in the nightclub…and there he was!

After his intimate greeting, the rest of the night was spent gazing into each other’s eyes, laughing and realising how attractive he is. Then he takes you home – again.

Only this time, it felt right to accept him inside your house, and you loved every bit of his company.

But 72 hours have passed and you haven’t received a phone call – not even a text or WhatsApp message! But he promised to call!

If only all men were reliable:

This is a typical story in a modern Woman’s life. No matter how much they swear off quick flings, there is always that one guy who slips through the net.

Without fail, he ends up disappointing them.

Men are interesting pieces of creation. Unlike women who can suppress their sexual thirst, men cannot.

According to a recent study, seven out of ten men cannot resist sexual temptation, and some men go to the extent of love-conning women like in the above scenario.

If you are fed up by jack the lads who are only interested in tasting the honey in your pot and not commitment, here are four methods to weed them out:

Keep the goodies in the cookie jar

Nowadays, some men feel entitled to sharing your bed after splashing out on one date. But be advised, a few drinks and a cheap meal are not legally binding.

The longer you avoid sleeping with a man, the more time he spends learning who you are and you who he is.

A man with short-term intentions will find the wait exceedingly tiring and will sooner or later leave you for an easy prey.

Pace yourself

Men often feel entitled and arrogant when they see that you are prepared to drop everything to see them at the last minute.

No matter how enticing his invitation is, when you accept it on the same day it sends out the message of desperation and easy hunt.

Most instances before his invitation, you have plans of going out with your girlfriends, washing your hair…

At the beginning of love and passion, your priority should be only you.

The man has not yet done enough at this stage to be worthy of being a priority.

Show him the tough side of you, and he will chase after you.

Never accept a date via text

When a man is a serial texter and fails to call before your first date then, be certain you are a far option; there’s the main girl somewhere whom he spends all his airtime on.

Of course there are exceptions to every rule.

However, in most cases this kind of behavior subtly communicates his sole desire of sleeping with you at minimal cost.

A text is the minimum effort required to see you when he doesn’t want to face the awkwardness of conducting a conversation if he isn’t interested in your personality.

Never entertain a man who does the bare minimum; Kenyan singer Wahu calls them “Vibowow”: they are never serious.

Be keen on the language he uses on you

It is your first date with him and this man insists on telling you how hot you are, and not how thoughtful and brilliant your conversations are: this lad only has short term intentions with you.

If he finds a way of ‘sexing up’ every conversation that’s a sure sign he is after that one thing.

So hurriedly gulp that bottle of expensive drink he bought you and leave that man alone.


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Four ways to identify men who are only after sex
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