How your Friday night plans could be chasing Mr. Right

How your Friday night plans could be chasing Mr. Right

If you are wondering why you are always the bridesmaid and never the bride, you might need to evaluate how you spend your free time.

According to personal branding expert, Robert Burale, your Friday night plans could have a lot to do with why men avoid serious commitments with you.

“If you are the kind of lady who receives calls from your male friends to go to night clubs for party upon party and NOTHING else…well you may think that they love your company but there is a hidden message…to them YOU are NOT wife material (sic),” posted Burale.

According to Burale, party girls are fun to have on a Friday night, but no man takes such women seriously.

He argues that wild women are favoured by men who are still sowing their wild oats, but when it comes to marriage they are not considered,

“Don’t get it twisted. The woman a man takes to his mum to introduce her as a future wife is not found in the category of the ladies who go out with him and the boys drinking like crazy,”

Though many online users agreed with his sentiments, others pointed out that there seemed to be a double standard in his approach.

“And as usual the woman is the one required to be righteous yet men are actually supposed to lead the way. You want wife material? You’d better be husband material,” Káhthariná Kiiru

Monicah Sey said her story disproves his theory, “Seriously Rob, my fiancé and l met at our work place but we go on drinking sprees with his boys. He introduced me to his family and his mum loves me. Going out to drink doesn’t determine whether you’re a wife material, men fall in love even with prostitutes.”

Most men agreed with Burale’s post, with some asking how party women could run homes and raise families.

“I keep asking where are our true African ladies? You will hear them say that they’re proud of their mothers. Where would they be today if their mothers choose the paths they are taking?” posted Isaac Karanja.

Though there was no consensus after the debate, it seemed that most online users agreed with Burale’s sentiments.

What is your take? Do you think drinking makes a woman less marriageable?

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How your Friday night plans could be chasing Mr. Right
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