Ittoqqortoormiit guest house in Greenland could be the most remote hotel on Earth

Ittoqqortoormiit guest house in Greenland could be the most remote hotel on Earth
With no cars or mobile phone signal available, Eastern Greenland is about as far from civilization as gets.

The town of Ittoqqortoormiit, positioned on the edge of the frozen sea, is the only inhabited piece of land on this desolately beautiful coastline south of Greenland National Park.

At the center of this tiny village sits a bright orange guest house, which residents are hoping will spark a fragile travel industry in an isolated corner of the emptiest country on Earth.
Greenland’s population density is an unfathomable 0.0 people per-square-kilometer, and three-quarters of the 57,000 citizens live in Nuuk, the capital, which lies on the west coast.
As a result, there’s barely any human habitation for a 1,000-kilometer radius around Ittoqqortoormiit, which is filled with cheerfully painted houses.
That likely makes this well heated, wooden-floored guest house, with its well-stocked fridge and stack of nineties DVDs, the most remote hotel in the world, a crown it has plucked easily from other contenders in Australia, Chile and Mongolia.
The residents of Ittoqqortoormiit — all of whom are of Inuit descent — live lives that neatly fuse two eras.
They have electricity and central heating and Wi-Fi in the local recreation center, and order parcels from Amazon that arrive by charter plane once every two months from Iceland.
But they eat food they have hunted on the tundra or in the sea — whelk, reindeer and Arctic char — for dinner each night and dress in polar bear fur coats and seal skin gloves.

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