Lawyer who wanted to marry Malia Obama converts to Islam

Felix Kiprono Matagei
Felix Kiprono Matagei

The Kenyan lawyer who expressed interest to marry President Barack Obama’s first born daughter, Malia, has converted to Islam.

Felix Kiprono Matagei, who hit the headlines globally after announcing he was offering 50 cows, 70 sheep and 30 goats as bride price for Malia Obama, says he ditched Christianity after being introduced to Islam by a lady friend in 2012.

“I converted to Islam in 2012 at Jamia Mosque after my female friend introduced me to the religion. I have been a Muslim since then,” he told Citizen Digital.

“The lady had a good heart, and she managed to convince me that Islam completely embraces brotherhood, so I bought the idea of converting,” said the learned friend.

The lawyer added it has taken him almost three years to undertake Tawhid classes, which he said held him back from publicly announcing his conversion.

“I have been taking Tawhid classes since 2012, and did not want to talk about my conversion before I finish the studies. Now that I have less than three months to complete the classes, I can boldly come out to reveal my true religion,” Kiprono added.

Tawhid is a doctrine of Islam that declares the unity and uniqueness of God as the creator and sustainer of the universe.

Kiprono added that he has acquired an Islamic name: Adnan. The Middle Eastern name originates from the tribe of Qureish; one of the tribes in which Prophet Mohammed hailed from.

“My Islamic name is Adnan and it is included among my four names in the conversion certificate that I acquired from religious leaders,” he said.

Asked if he is fasting during this holy month of Ramadhan, the lawyer replied to the affirmative and added that he has been studying the Quran.

“I have been fasting all through since it is a requirement of my religion, and I have never absconded. I have also been studying the Quran for a better part of my life as a Muslim,” he said.


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Lawyer who wanted to marry Malia Obama converts to Islam
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20 thoughts on “Lawyer who wanted to marry Malia Obama converts to Islam”

  1. Welcome home brother Adnan, this is truly where you belong. You have also taken the right step by engaging in learning. This will definitely take you far within the circles of knowledge and make you a better Muslim. All the best brother Adnan once again and Eid Mubarak from me.

  2. Islam is the only true religion in the world. And adanan is allowed to mary christion girl by islam religion . Keep loving her bro

    1. Adnaan brother welcome to Islam. Realy you choose the only true religion of the world. well come

  3. He is just after religion, not faith..Christianity is not a religion but personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ! I don’t think he was a christian in the first place

    1. Soothsayer… Mind-detector…lol
      You can’t concludes some one’s mind, after all Islam gives you a direct link to GOD Almighty not necessarily through some one but just as a guide unlike Christianity that you can only communicate with God through another.

  4. Religion is not fashion for one to change anyhow just as one can not change their tribe as they wish .

    1. Hey! hold it, fashion is self delude while religion is a passion and mandate for every sensible… therefore it is wise to decide where to whom to refer to as your Creator… Islam is the only religion in the world which is full of every life endeavor. Just name it – Fashion (Hijab/Niqab/Burka…. Turban/Cap/Both…. Long-ropes/Suits/Corporate).

  5. Or maybe what he needs more urgently than anything else on earth is medical help. Quote me: 5-10 years down the line, this boy will look at his life and just regret and regret and regret many things the first being why he craved attention so much. He will then see the follow of actions and admit his hidden weaknesses.

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