‘Mollis’ audio elicits rape claims amidst online excitement

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Social media users have lodged claims of rape after an audio clip of a woman writhing in exhaustion during sex with a man who would not hear the lady’s pleas to stop went viral.

The gripe around the controversial clip started on Wednesday when the audio snip was shared extensively on Twitter, WhatsApp and Soundcloud.

For those who might not be familiar with the clip, the audio features a woman who seemingly has had one too many (alcohol) and is in a love making session with a man (Morris) who would not let go of her, despite cries of ‘surrendering’.

There have emerged different theories to explain the happenings in the audio, with some quarters believing the woman is a prostitute while others speculating that the clip was stage-managed by cunning people, who are out to entertain gossip-hungry social media users.

However, on Thursday a new sensitive speculation was brought forward with people on social media believing that what transpired in the clip was nothing but rape; quickly charging up discussion.

They used the hashtag #Mollis borne out of the woman’s mispronunciation of the name ‘Morris’, to keep the discussion going.

Rape claims

Jaymar_music: I deleted the Mollis audio clip before I listened to it. I only believe eyewitnesses, and so wouldn’t listen to one being raped.

Kevoice_: You don’t even need to listen to the Mollis audio clip twice to know it is rape. But tell that to retweet fingers, you will be buried alive.

Lynus_Ngetich: Now on serious matters, this girl in Mollis video sounds like she is being violated.

Rashidy Mzalendo: Mollis, the bedroom mole, promoting sexual harassment; so barbaric. The audio is not amusing at all!

Lynda Nyangweso: She doesn’t owe you anything. If she says no, stop. Stupidity is unbecoming of any creature born to females.

Adelle Onyango: I am too scared to watch the “Mollis” clip. I’ve been told that the girl in it is constantly begging him to stop. What was funny about that?

A campaign to end the rape culture immediately took form, with a section of online users taking the mantle confidently to bring to an end to the excitement around ‘Mollis’ clip; using the hash tag #EndRapeCulture on Twitter.

One C.W. Kimani wrote: “For the sake of that helpless lady, let’s stop circulating that Mollis audio via whatsapp. Hurting girls doesn’t make you a bull!”

Another one, Nudi Orawo tweeted: “I didn’t find any part of that Mollis audio funny. I thought I had lost my sense of humor and moved on. Glad I wasn’t alone! #EndRapeCulture.”

However, there are those who were not convinced that the ‘Mollis’ audio clip was a rape case, but one out of mutual consent.

Jacquelene Collines wrote: That’s a lady who had full consent of what was going on so for those feeling sorry…it’s not a rape case.


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‘Mollis’ audio elicits rape claims amidst online excitement
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