No need for medication, expensive products: Four foods to stop eating to cure acne

No need for medication, expensive products: Four foods to stop eating to cure acne

I have always had problematic skin. When I hit puberty, my face broke out into hives. I looked like a darts board and felt even worse.

My mother, noticing my problem, tried everything to clear my face but nothing seemed to work.

I waited out my puberty years hoping that in adulthood my face would clear by itself, but was sadly wrong because no such thing happened.

Clearing my face had to be a purposeful process that included good hygiene and a total lifestyle change.

While I still have those moments at least once a month, my face stays clear with for most of the time, largely thanks to a lifestyle change.

I am willing to share with you my secret, below are four foods to avoid if you want to clear acne:

  1. Cow’s milk

A 2010 study found a link between cow’s milk and acne. While scientist haven’t been able to find out exactly why this is the case, experts speculate that it is because cow’s milk spikes blood sugar and the production of insulin which in turn influences the production of skin oils (sebum). Avoiding cow’s milk will therefore help clear your skin.

  1. Sugar

Various scientific studies have shown that there is a link between sugar and breakouts. The idea is to limit the amount of sugar you take. Avoiding sweet juices and limit the amount of sugar in your tea or coffee, it will go a long way in helping clear your skin.

  1. Unhealthy snacks such as potato crisps

Unhealthy snacks such as potato crisps, cookies, cakes, white bread and processed breakfast cereals are known as high-glycemic foods – meaning the body easily breaks them down into blood sugar.

These foods will cause a spike in blood sugar and lead to hormonal fluctuations thus leading to break outs. It is advisable to take foods that are low in the glycemic index such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains and sweet potatoes. Next time you want to snack, eat an apple.

  1. Greasy fast foods

Fast foods lead to hormonal fluctuation and will cause breakouts.

Studies have also linked fast foods to other health conditions such as childhood asthma. Fast foods cause inflammation in the body and inflammation leads to breakouts.

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