How not to answer ‘What are your weaknesses?’ in a job interview


A job interview can be nerve-racking especially for the interviewees which sometimes makes it difficult to answer certain questions.

One of the questions that requires a tactful response is ‘what are your weaknesses?’

There are two answers that career development professionals say should be avoided at all costs:

  1. “I don’t have any weaknesses” or “I can’t think of any weaknesses.”

This according to her projects you as a person with very little self awareness. It also makes you appear dishonest as there is no human without weaknesses.

2.”I am too much of a perfectionist,” or ”I work too hard sometimes.”

This answer creates a perception that you lack authenticity and don’t have a human side that the interviewer (s) can relate with.

3. Choosing weaknesses that do not affect the job

According to Forbes, this shows that you may have challenges putting the conversation into context.

4. Downplaying your weaknesses

You can go around this by giving remedial measures that you would be taking or are already taking to overcome your weaknesses.

If for example your weakness is in public speaking, you could say that you are taking a masterclass to improve your public speech abilities.

5. ‘I am not sure’

Forbes advocates that interviewees to take down a list of possible questions likely to be asked in an interview and think of possible answers.

You could even role play with a friend or relative as the interviewer, then practice until you are sure you are prepared.

”The more prepared you are, the better you’ll do when you sit across from the employer,”the Forbes article said.

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Story By Duncan Mutwiri
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