Outrage over virginity testing after rapper TI reveals daughter tested yearly

Outrage over virginity testing after rapper TI reveals daughter tested yearly

The New York state legislature is mulling over banning virginity testing in the state.

If they proceed to create the ban, it would be illegal for medical practitioners in New York to check a woman’s hymen for tears to ascertain their virginity.

”The proposed measures in New York would prohibit doctors from checking whether a woman or girl’s hymen, the thin tissue that may partially cover the vagina, is torn, in an effort to determine if she has had vaginal intercourse,” Reuters reported.

The tests were conducted as a norm, and without stirring attention, until famed rapper TI made it public that he took his daughter for the test every year.

Speaking on a podcast about sex education, the rapper said he not only talks about sex with his daughter but also makes sure she  takes ”yearly trips to the gynecologist to check her hymen,” emphasizing the fact that she goes with her.

His remarks stirred a global uproar and more so in the United States with the State Assembly of New York considering making the practice illegal.

Michaelle Dolages, a member of the New York State assembly introduced the bill in the Lower House last week to that effect.

“It’s medically unnecessary, painful, humiliating, traumatic and a form of violence against women and girls,” she said of the practice also saying that she was ”appalled and disgusted” by the rapper’s remarks.

The Apple’s senate is also working on a similar bill which the governor’s office said it will support the ban if the bill reaches before the governor’s desk for their input.

If indeed the bill becomes law, medical practitioners who conduct the test could be faced with fines or criminal prosecution. If done outside a medical facility, suspects will be culpable for sexual assault.




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