PAIN OF PIMPLES: Detox could be the answer to your acne problem

Maggie Kahiu before and after photos
Maggie Kahiu before and after photos

Last week I narrated that I had been advised by a colleague to buy a supplement that she hoped would help clear up my skin.

The idea that there was something out there that I had not tried but could clear my acne filled me with hope. Shortly after, I asked my mum to accompany me to the supplement shop.

At the shop, I met an attendant who was dismissive at first to the point that I had decided to leave without buying anything, but thankfully my mum spoke to her and she was apologetic for her approach.

After that horrid first experience she wore her expert cap and turned out to be really helpful. She walked me through the entire process and turned out to be a great friend. We always laugh when we look back at how our relationship started.

During that initial consultation she asked about what I had been using on my skin and for how long so she could establish what was best for my skin onwards. After that conversation she agreed and emphasised that change was imminent.

Detox, detox, detox, she said, was the most vital process before embarking on the supplements.

My body’s system was all clogged up with toxins from all the medication I had used previously. She told me the additional breakouts were caused by the high amount of toxins in my body.

She then came up with a detox plan that would last a month. The cleansing process consisted of fresh vegetables and fruits and of course lots and lots of water to aid in flushing out the toxins from my body.

She ensured that the detox plan was moderate so I wouldn’t lose hope or give up thinking it was too hard.

Later on I began using a hormonal balance supplement because my hormones were out of tune with my body processes then I started taking Aloe Vera and cranberry juice.

Topically I applied aloe vera gel on my face to help dry the breakouts and used neem soap to clean my face and the rest of my body.

During this time I had to stop applying make up, but I did my eyebrows and lipstick to take attention away from the rest of my face.

I stopped doing hair that would fall on my face because the oils from the hair would make the breakouts worse.

I must confess I took the saying “desperate times call for desperate measures” too far because I tried out everything that was recommended to me. Looking back this approach did more harm than good.

The biggest lesson I learned from all this was patience. It doesn’t matter what you’re going through; you will need patience. I was also consistent with the diet and this went a long way in helping my situation.

While on the treatment, I visited Kenyatta National Hospital children’s cancer ward. The vibrancy of those children took me to a place I hadn’t been before.

If I could I would just paint a picture of those young ones in hospital uniforms, some bald due to harsh reaction of chemotherapy treatment but still found energy to play and entertain us.

Those children taught me to never take any moment for granted and to praise and thank God in everything. I was done with feeling sorry for myself, standing in the mirror every minute to count how many new breakouts and dried pimples I had, the spots and how to get rid of them.

Here I made a decision to take part in running and I signed up at my place of work to participate in all marathons as a way of giving back to the community.

Truly, running for a cause beyond me has also had a huge impact on my skin as well. I suppose running gave my body an opportunity to flush out more toxins. Finding something else to do beyond your pain is an amazing thing with amazing benefits and experiences.

The supplements I took were working excellently now that I had a clean system. I took some to replenish the good bacteria and other minerals that had been flushed out during the detox process.

I was made to understand that in getting rid of the bad, some good and beneficial nutrients can be lost and it’s always good to replace them.

In the next article I will highlight on dos and don’ts of treating breakouts. Till then enjoy the read, share, inspire and overcome.

God bless.

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Story By Margaret Kahiu
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