Starving Fast and Furious actress feasts on mouse

Michelle Rodriguez
Michelle Rodriguez

Iconic Fast and Furious actress, Michelle Rodriguez, had to eat a mouse cooked in her own urine, reports US Weekly magazine.

This happened when Rodriguez and Bear Grylls were travelling to go shoot NBC the survivalist series. The pair started running low on food and water while they were trekking across Nevada’s Valley of Fire State Park.

Grylls convinced Michelle to drink her own urine saying it is safe, especially if it is boiled to reduce bacteria.

As for the mouse, Grylls said it tastes like chicken.

“I can smell that from here,” the Brit tells Rodriguez when she delivers her mug full of urine

“Sorry, dude. I’m dehydrated,” the actress replies before they begin cooking the mouse.

The actress who was visibly repulsed by what she had to eat said, “This is the part I dreaded…the urine and the mouse… wow! I’m kinda happy it’s my piss and not yours.”

She lived to tell the tale and she tweeted Grylls appreciating the British adventurer for making her have an unforgettable experience.

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Starving Fast and Furious actress feasts on mouse
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