The Big Thrill: Kayaking at Rapids Camp

The Big Thrill: Kayaking at Rapids Camp

My body hurts. I can feel every bone in my body. I do not even care that you think this is an exaggeration (hehe). Over the weekend, I decided that my life was not exciting enough. So Mr. Man and I went Kayaking.

Maureen and Ibrahim
Mr. Man and I


I figured it would only be a few hours, put some kilometers on the car, get that muscle tone and overall act like a hyperactive kid.

Two and a half hours from Nairobi, lots of wrong turns later, and we found ourselves at Rapids Fall Camp in Sagana.


By the way, the scenery on the way to the Camp is magnificent. I would have spent the night right there in the open had it not been for the uncertainty of what the night brings.


maureen in middel

There in the path was a Railway line that made for good photography. I wonder if they still have trains in this area of the woods.


River Tana is beautiful…dirty, beautiful and scary.

maureen looking to water

tana river 2

tana river

When the moment of truth came, to face this water giant or go home, we decided to risk it. Please note that none of us swim.

ibrahim helmet
Mr. Man gets his helmet on


Trying to get my balance
Trying to get my balance

Did I get the excitement I was looking for? Yes! Would I do it again? Ehhh…why not?!

maureen in water 2

It was fun. It was tiring. I felt fear and the blood rushing in my veins. It was a statement for me, that I can conquer anything I put my mind to.

Maureen and Ibie 2

For that one Sunday afternoon, surrounded by endless waters, I was in control and my spirit guide was free.


Live a little, laugh a little.


maureen on top of rock



PS. Smile at a stranger today, see what happens.

And because I know you will ask, here are the costings:

Entrance fee: Ksh 550 per person

Kayaking: Ksh 1500 per person

Bungee Jumping: Ksh 5,200 per person (minimum of four people)

Rock Climbing: Ksh 400 per person

Water gliding: Ksh 500 per person

Geco: Ksh. 700 per person

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Maureen Murimi
Story By Maureen Murimi
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