How to write an apology letter

How to write an apology letter

Some people find it hard to write an apology letter.

”You assume that making a mistake means you are a bad person,” says Karen Herzberg, a coach and business analyst.

However, taking responsibility for one’s misdeeds goes long way in restoring relationships and maintaining respect.

According to Herzberg there are ways to make an apology letter work for you:

  • Keep it simple

Start by simply saying ”I’m sorry.”

  • Own your mistake

This means taking responsibility for your actions. It is good to show those you have wronged that you are willing to at least put in the effort to correct your mistake where possible. If not possible to correct it, express your regret with sincerity.

  • Describe what happened 

When you wrong someone and you plan to apologize, it is good to show that you understand exactly what you did wrong. Being empathetic calms down the offended person clearing the cloud of anger. This makes it easier to forgive you when they are ready.

  • Have a plan 

In your apology letter, tell the person you have wronged about the corrective measures you intend to apply. As explained above, it gives a good impression when one shows effort towards solving a problem they caused.

  • Admit you were wrong 

Its not enough to just say that you are sorry because it is not guaranteed that the person you offended will let it go. This is why its important to emphasize on how sorry you are by admitting that you were in the wrong.

  • Ask for forgiveness 

According to Herzberg, showing vulnerability proves that you are sincere about your apology.



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